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Some of Cornel van Heerden’s Bonsmara cows and a bull in the exceptionally rugged terrain near Lady Grey in the Eastern Cape. The area receives an annual rainfall of about 850mm.

Young farmer cuts costs by focusing on Bonsmaras

Cornel van Heerden is the Eastern Cape’s 2016 TAU SA’s Young Farmer of the Year. Mike Burgess visited him recently on the farm Wildefontein in the Lady Grey district to learn how he established an award-winning livestock enterprise while saving money, and why his extensive Bonsmara beef operation has proved such a success.
bonsmara cattle

Know your cattle: The Bonsmara breed

The Bonsmara is an outstanding beef breed, developed in South Africa.

Up George Bonsmaras Sale

Highest-priced Bonsamara bull sold for R200 000.

Bonsmara-infused Afrikaners: enhancing performance

Bothaville Stud breeder, Herbert Bruinette, has succeeded in breeding Afrikaner cattle with excellent breeding values and muscling through the introduction of Bonsmara genetics into his herd. He started in 2008 in consultation with animal scientist Danie Bosman. Annelie Coleman spoke to them to find out more about the project.

Bostrum Bonsmara Sale

Highest-priced bull sold for R40 000.

Sernick announces certified Bonsmara beef brand

The Sernick Group has launched the country’s first certified Bonsmara beef brand.
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Bonsmaras: Offering great returns on investment

Holomo Lebona believes that Bonsmaras' adaptability makes them exceptional investments.

Vlakte Bonsmara Study Group Sale

Highest Bonsmara bull sold for R110 000.

Arwin Bonsmara Bull Production Sale

Highest (bull): R27 000

16th Production Sale of Up George Bonsmaras

Highest (bull): R340 000

Bristow Bonsmara Molopo Stud Sale

Highest (Bull): R400 000

Breeding Bonsmara for tough production environments

The Bonsmara is a breed par excellence in any beef production system, especially when selected over a quarter of a century in an environment that’s tough on the slightest weakness. Johan and Michiel Geldenhuys told Chris Nel how they do it.


FAO hosts fall armyworm workshop in Kenya

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation in Southern Africa (FAOSA) is hosting a two-day meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, to discuss the region’s response to fall armyworm (FAW). The meeting...

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