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To capture the increasingly discerning consumer market, farmers have to learn how to use public relations and social media strategies effectively. Public relations expert and journalist, Brian Berkman, provides some valuable...
Feeding the global population nutritiously and sustainably by 2030 will require unprecedented innovation and coordination by all stakeholders, according to a report by the World Economic Forum’s System Initiative on...
Every time I hear the news of another farm attack, I immediately stop and phone my parents to reassure myself that they are safe.
Vigorous growth predicted for global hazelnut market

Vigorous growth predicted for global hazelnut market

The international hazelnut market is set for robust growth over the next decade, according to market researchers.
EU countries opt-out of GM crop cultivation

EU countries opt-out of GM crop cultivation

Seventeen member states of the European Union (EU) have implemented national rules to opt out of the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops.
Brazilian meat processors investigated for bribery

Brazilian meat processors investigated for bribery

Brazilian meat-packing companies, Brazil Foods SA (BRF SA) and JBS SA, were recently raided by police after alleged bribery of health officials that could threaten US$12 billion (R152 billion) in...

Plough for more

Security is being beefed up at this year’s Nampo Harvest Day, courtesy of members of the public.
With entries for the prestigious 2016 World Cheese Awards (WCA) now closed, competition organisers have been able to confirm that 52 entries were received from 13 of South Africa’s cheesemakers.
The latest Statistics South Africa producer price index (PPI) data indicates that in May 2016 producer inflation for food products remained flat at 10,9%.
Three people have now become victims of KwaZulu-Natal’s rabies epidemic.
At the first public meeting of the new Farm Worker Forum, nearly 1 000 farm workers gathered to condemn the recent violent strikes and the union leaders claiming to represent workers....
Jobs in the poultry sector will reduce if chicken imports into South Africa increase.
Arthur Rudman, chairperson of the Glenconner and District Predator Management Forum, describes how predator control is being tackled as a community project in the Uitenhage bushveld. Roelof Bezuidenhout interviewed him.
While allegations of deteriorating farmer-worker relations in the Western Cape continue to make headlines, award-winning Cape winery Delaire forges ahead with a major expansion project that has kicked off with...
Richard Tate, a former top farmer and leader in Zimbabwean farming circles,says it’s time for South African consumers and business people to realise that failed land reform will seriously affect...
While South Africa is a semi-arid country, there is poor efficiency in water use, says Dr Jennifer Molwantwa of the Water Research Commission.
If nothing is done to increase water availability in the Vaal River water supply system - including clamping down on illegal water use by irrigation farmers - it will be...
With huge increases in Eskom tariffs, more and more farmers are investing in alternative energy solutions. Mike Burgess visited Eastern Cape farmer Luke Bell to learn more about his KRE...

More than meets the eye?

What has happened to the police force that is supposed to prevent and combat crime and protect the community, asks Abré J Steyn.
All the excitement about national symbols has failed to provide South Africa with a national fish. Let me fill the gap by nominating hake. It is a wonderfully versatile fish...

An Asian inspiration

Jonno assists Peter with his plans to build a single storey house in Wakkerstroom.


I am a white English woman, 47 years old. Slender build. I love the outdoors and nature. I'm looking for a white English speaking man. I'm looking for someone to...
Craft breweries have become popular in South Africa in recent years. Grant Hollins visited Emerald Vale Brewery on the Wild Coast to learn about its commercial success.
Nowhere does it say that you have to have spaghetti with bolognaise sauce. And to prove it, here’s a combination of great flavours, textures and aromas all designed to transform...

Buying a bull at an auction

Chief technician at the Agricultural Research Council’s Beef Cattle Improvement Scheme, Frans Jordaan, discusses the genetic-based guidelines for ensuring the best purchase at an auction.
Choosing the right kind of pig for your level of management is very important.
Identifying and preventing botulism and tetanus.
Ace pigeon flier Theo Mienie recently retired from the sport after more than six decades. He spoke to Thomas Smit about the highlights of his career and offered advice to...
Due to severe drought conditions in certain parts of the country now is the time to get rid of all unproductive and old animals.
Philip de Waal, owner of the Locheim studs in the Swartland and on the West Coast, has won regional, national and international awards for his top-performing Hereford cattle. He spoke...

The amazing cactus pear

Tough, nutritious and requiring little care, this remarkable plant is invaluable for farmers.
Carrot fertilisation is very different to fertilisation in other vegetable crops. It’s crucial to understand this when evaluating a soil analysis prior to fertilising.
The debate about which is more desirable, commission- or wholesale-selling of fresh produce, has bounced around the industry for years.

The giant stirs

At the recent Potatoes SA Marketing Seminar held in Pretoria, Africa came under the spotlight.

How do we save our bees?

Globally, the fate of bees, as well as their important role in pollination and food production, have been in the spotlight. Wilma den Hartigh spoke to industry experts about the...
There are many pots on the boil on the farm of DAFF’s Best Female Entrepreneur of the Year, but the main course is based on Moringa.

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