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Consumers face a barrage of confusing, sometimes dubious, claims on food labels. This could end up harming consumer trust in the food value chain, and substantially damaging the industry and...
Since October 2016, half the world’s population has been connected to the Internet. However, at only 30%, the number of connected people in Africa is still lower than the world...
The farming sector generally views population growth as an opportunity rather than a challenge.
Legal challenge for NZ predator eradication project

Legal challenge for NZ predator eradication project

New Zealand’s plan to be to predator-free by 2050, has suffered a blow, following a legal challenge from a small group of opponents.
EU farmers concerned at proposed agricultural budget cuts

EU farmers concerned at proposed agricultural budget cuts

Farmers across the EU are reportedly calling for the EU Commission not to implement any cuts in the bloc’s agricultural spending.
Asian long-horned beetle threatens sugar maples

Asian long-horned beetle threatens sugar maples

The Asian long-horned beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis), a Chinese invader, is threatening the multi-billion rand maple production industry in North America

Plough for more

Can we see some results?

Billions are spent on agricultural support programmes, but now MPs are asking why so little seems to have been accomplished. Denene Erasmus reports.
Labour minister, Mildred Oliphant, will be visiting KwaZulu-Natal farms on Friday, 21 April, to ensure that employers are complying with the country’s labour laws.
If current consumption and production patterns are not changed, and the global population continues to increase as before, we shall need the equivalent of three Earths to sustain us by...
More change will have to happen in agriculture over the next 15 years than the changes that occurred in the sector during the past 50 years.
The relief of Free State farmers over long-awaited rain was short-lived after the showers were followed by frost recently.
Guava producers in the Western Cape are looking forward to a better year after difficult weather conditions during 2011 caused massive crop losses.

Game exports after FMD

The local game industry was hit hard by the EU’s ban on meat exports, lifted early last year. Now, SA exporters are struggling to regain lost revenue and re-establish markets....
After 80 years, the family business Engelke Blomme continues to produce outstanding flowers, despite a highly competitive market. Glenneis Kriel spoke Günther Engelke about their success.
During the dispute between South Africa and the EU about the perceived threat that citrus black spot might be spread through exported fruit, the first 2014 consignments left our shores...
Thanks to an established South African-based farming company, adventurous local farmers can now broaden their horizons with an opportunity to farm in other African countries.
Etienne Rabe of integrated citrus company Biogold USA believes introducing new citrus varieties that cater to changing consumer demands is key to ensuring the global citrus industry remains competitive. A...
The Namibian Agricultural Union’s Production-Cost Index is a valuable tool for determining and monitoring price trends in the country’s livestock production industries, according to Jaco Hanekom, the union’s assistant manager...

Camouflaged cottage

Maaike and Stefaan look to Jonno to help them design a holiday cottage in the Eastern Cape.
Here’s a way to rev up frozen hake. Playing anything but second fiddle to the fish is a crunchy assortment of slightly unusual green vegetables.
Hot dogs are usually street food. From the polystyrene-textured roll to the petrol-accented tomato sauce, even the cheapest street hot dog represents good business, with a profit margin seldom less...
Hi Shawn Thanks for the informative site meeting on your new 840ha game farm near Weenen. Attached are the plans for your proposed new home. I have improvised on the...

Ideas for a new home

I received an email from Farmer’s Weekly readers, Mel and Greig, requesting me to travel to Mooi River, 30km from where I stay, to discuss their new home. After exchanging...

An Asian inspiration

Jonno assists Peter with his plans to build a single storey house in Wakkerstroom.
Whenever there are problems in an industry, it is advisable to go back to basics. Roelof Bezuidenhout reports.
The geometric tortoise is thought to be one of the most endangered species of tortoise on earth. It occurs only in the Western Cape, where over 90% of its habitat...
In 2009 Lionel Whittal became the first registered Mbuzi goat breeder in South Africa. Mike Burgess recently visited him on his 400ha farm Sandilli, in the Bolo area of the...
Against all odds, Barries Snijman has tamed the tough Karoo to develop a flock of veld-adapted Angoras that produce quality mohair. Roelof Bezuidenhout reports.
When a horse that has previously done well starts to misbehave at shows, you can be fairly certain that it’s nervous and needs habituation, says Dr Mac.
GJT Lofts had an incredible season in 2011 thanks, in part, to a solid foundation of ‘super pigeons’. Thomas Smit reports.
If you want lands free of weeds, herbicides must be used properly. The first principle is timing.
There are hundreds of cabbage varieties on the world market, each filling a slot for some climatic condition or purpose, and quite a few are sold in South Africa.
We recently discussed how to identify mineral deficiencies and eelworm infestation. Many other problems can occur, of course.

Vegetables back in vogue

In the 6 June issue of FreshPlaza.com, I came across an article entitled ‘The rise of Africa’s super vegetables’. “Indigenous vegetables are in vogue,” it said. “As people throughout East...
The Ceres Plateau, only recently incorporated into South Africa’s Wine of Origin scheme, is establishing itself as one of the best wine-producing regions in the country. Kallie du Plessis and...
Despite repeated calls to plant less maize, producers still managed a bumper maize crop of nearly 14 million tons in the 2009/10 season, pushing maize costs down to import parity.

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