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Filtration systems with sophisticated designs rarely work efficiently. Instead, growers should focus on higher volumes.
SA has the potential to become a successful producer of Nile tilapia, yet government’s latest efforts aimed at supporting commercial aquaculture are counterproductive.
The hobby of keeping exotic ornamental fish in a home aquarium is nowhere near as popular as it once was.
Lincia, National Ace Pigeon

How to be successful at pigeon racing

To be successful at pigeon racing, you need to be fast, very fast, says Thomas Smit.

The many advantages of pigs

Today’s domesticated pig has most of the qualities that the modern farmer looks for in livestock, including high profitability, explains Shane Brody.
Get your horse to canter correctly

Get your horse to canter correctly

Only when a horse has the correct lead is it balanced and safe to ride at a canter, says Dr Mac.

Plough for more

The DA-led government in the Western Cape has been accused of putting political pressure on CapeNature to permit certain lethal methods of controlling problem animals on livestock farms in a...
The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform has reaffirmed its commitment to address land redistribution for the descendants of the Khoi and San.
Global fresh fruit exporter Capespan is now formally part of agri-investment holding company Zeder.
From 1 April, SARS will only accept logbooks as valid evidence of diesel usage. Previously diesel rebates could be applied for by completing a VAT101D application form.
Massmart Holdings, South Africa’s biggest food and goods wholesaler, says it has successfully linked more than 100 farmers into formal retail.
At least 65% of all plants that have gone extinct in South Africa were from the Western Cape.
Amathole Berries near Stutterheim expects to yield 3 000t of blueberries per season by 2020. Mike Burgess spoke to acting CEO Ryan Davies about the company’s challenges and its place...

Profit from pigs

Mahuhudi Masipa of Zuurbekom in Johannesburg’s West Rand left the corporate world to become a pig farmer in 2009. She says farming is a business just like any other and...
When Roleen Basson started Darling Olives about 10 years ago, she didn’t even eat olives. However, today her business produces about 30 product lines, and the Darling Olives footprint will...
Despite lacking farming experience, Carole Kirkwood Pretorius converted a rundown Karoo farm into a small but commercially viable enterprise in only six years.
A South African company, CLC Solar Wind Energy, has recently developed a cost-effective gasifier to allow farmers to generate electricity from wood or stone fruit pits. Chris Coetzee, project manager...
Rooibos has been grown in Wupperthal in the Western Cape for almost 200 years. Recently, the small industry has become more profitable, thanks to a co-operative formed to gain Fairtrade...
This chicken dish will blast the culinary socks off your diners. For this dish, I have varied the seasoning and the method to produce stir-fry chicken with galangal (a type...
Jonno designs an usually shaped retirement cottage for FW reader Rita.
Many people I know have installed one of those non-selective electronic insect shocking devices on their verandas. Issue date 15 June 2007

A wooden cottage design

Three readers phoned me after seeing my plans for a little one-bedroom cottage in the 13 June issue.
Abré J Steyn speculates about the future we can expect should we continue to destroy our planet.

A farmhouse design

Shiela require assistance from Jonno to design a double-storey farmhouse with two bedrooms.

Understanding horse wounds

Knowing how wounds heal will help with their treatment, says Kim Dyson.
Jannie Breytenbach’s Goedvoor Nguni Stud near Marble Hall is best known for setting a South African record price for an Nguni cow and calf sold for R86 000 in 2007....
Horse lovers can chat for hours about their horses and their wonderful personalities – but what are their animals’ actual strengths and weaknesses? How do they get along with other...
Farmers are often deterred by the challenges of an intensive sheep farming enterprise. Wayne Southwood visited Dr Karin and Manie Wessels who run the Mamre Dorper Stud near Vrede, to...

Lessons in breeding

Janneman Kitching enjoyed a swift rise to fame in pigeon racing and his methods have much to teach beginners and struggling fanciers, notes Thomas Smit
When the lights go out, you have to act fast, as your fish could be dead within 20 minutes. A backup plan is essential.
Long grown in India and Pakistan, and more recently in the US, Australia and other parts of Africa, guar is now being introduced to South African crop farmers as a...
A pathological condition in plants is caused by disease, whereas a physiological condition is caused by non-living (abiotic) factors such as physical injury, frost, water stress or something similar.
In days gone by, it was common practice for a youngster to work alongside his father or uncle in a market agency and learn the trade in that way.
Choosing the right type of onion can be difficult, as the variety has to suit both the area and the planting seasons.
According to Wikus, a distinguishing feature of biodynamic farming is the use of nine biodynamic preparations which are said to enhance soil quality and stimulate plant life.
Warren Bam, winner of the deciduous fruit industry novice award and the Toyota New Harvest of the Year competition, spoke to Denene Erasmus about the journey that has led to...

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