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In South Africa, it’s easy to become depressed, but the progress made in other African countries shows that, with the right attitude, fish farming can flourish.
Filtration systems with sophisticated designs rarely work efficiently. Instead, growers should focus on higher volumes.
SA has the potential to become a successful producer of Nile tilapia, yet government’s latest efforts aimed at supporting commercial aquaculture are counterproductive.
Golden Prince: The R5 million racing pigeon

The R5 million racing pigeon

Golden Prince, currently the most expensive pigeon in the world, is owned by two South African fanciers.
Understanding the role of the boar in breeding

Understanding the role of the boar in breeding

Novice pig farmers should start with highly marketable and popular breeds such as the Landrace or Large White, says Shane Brody.
Dealing with a fractured jaw

Dealing with a fractured jaw

Breaks are often misdiagnosed and sometimes even heal on their own, says Dr Mac.

Plough for more

The South African timber industry is concerned that proposed road traffic legislation together with the requirements of its associated Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Act will threaten the...
Suidwes Landbou has elected Hansie Viljoen as chairperson of its board of directors.
A New Zealand inquiry into fracking found that the environmental risks associated with the procedure could be effectively managed, provided best practices were enforced through regulation.
Representatives of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) are due to revisit SA this month to assess the progress on managing animal health issues here.
The demand for meat products has grown rapidly during the past decade. The Bureau for Food and Agriculture Policy’s (BFAP) Coordinator: Industry Level Analysis Tracy Davids said this was due...
The prolonged drought will continue to have a severe impact on the yield, availability and prices of grain and oilseed crops.

Green tea revival

A once-destitute Seenteko tea farm has received an overhaul that will see a failed sector productive once more. Plandaí Biotechnology will produce green tea extract on the farm. Lindi van...
Wildlife managers need experience and ability to succeed in this exciting, growing business.
Community non-profit organisation, Letsha la Eleroi, farms on a small scale to provide fresh vegetables to the sick and the elderly. Project chairperson Beauty Tsokunyane tells Peter Mashala how the...
The milling operation started out of necessity. Today a successful business, here are lessons from an expert on maize meal and animal feed milling.
A South African company, CLC Solar Wind Energy, has recently developed a cost-effective gasifier to allow farmers to generate electricity from wood or stone fruit pits. Chris Coetzee, project manager...
Farmers in Beaufort West are taxed R3 104 (R2 500 after rebates) per annum for each R1 million their farm is worth, while farmers under the adjoining Baviaans municipality are...
Dear Jonno We need help with the design of our new home in eMacambini on the KZN North Coast near the Amatikulu Nature Reserve. The site, about 1 000m2, is...
Dear Jonno, I buy the Farmer’s Weekly regularly and have noted your designs for double-storey homes with interest. I’m planning to build a home in northern KwaZulu-Natal and would like...

Fish soup

Powerful. That’s the only word for this fish soup. Explosive taste, delicious aromas and great texture.
Jonno assists a reader with a starter home design.
Are those who are supposed to protect us the ones hurting us, asks Abré J Steyn.

Chilli con carne

In South Africa, we all know about braai competitions. Back in the USA, chilli con carne competitions are the big thing, particularly in the southern states along the Mexican border....
Australian researchers believe a move towards clean, green and ethical sheep and wool production could improve productivity, profitability and promote a more modern image of the industry.
Bran can be problematic, but it need not be totally excluded from your horse’s diet, says Kim Dyson.

Birdy’s top genealogy

The Birdy family is among the biggest money spinners in One-Day Loft competitions in South Africa and elsewhere, says Thomas Smit.
In a candid and sometimes emotional interview, Dr Dave Cooper, an award-winning wildlife veterinarian with Ezemvelo KwaZulu-Natal Wildlife, reveals the toll that the rhino poaching scourge is taking on him...

Farming off the grid

The convenience of Eskom-supplied electricity is almost unknown to Bushmanland’s commercial livestock farmers. But thanks to the sun, wind and careful management, these farmers have all the power they need....
As it stands, prospective legislation seeking to control the use of Nile tilapia will be counter-productive and hamper the growth of aquaculture in South Africa.
Downy mildew is less of A problem in cabbage than it used to be. With resistant varieties available, susceptible varieties don't have to be planted in vulnerable areas any more.
Organic farming is risky and difficult, but Jannie Nieuwoudt of Jamaka Organic Farm in the Cederberg believes the risk is justified by the rewards.
As maize is a summer crop that requires sufficient water and nutrients, most farmers won’t plant it in a winter rainfall area. But John Walker, a Western Cape farmer with...
We focus on spotted wilt and lettuce mosaic virus. Both can be controlled, and even avoided, with the correct agronomic practices.
The huge distances between producers and markets. Perishable products. Tough competition. The lack of understanding of markets and marketing by many producers.
A pathological condition in plants is caused by disease, whereas a physiological condition is caused by non-living (abiotic) factors such as physical injury, frost, water stress or something similar.

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