Breeding Brahman cattle with superior genetics

Heinrich Bruwer's passion for superior Brahmans has led him to the best genetics in the world.

Successful switch to beef stud breeding

A burgeoning warthog population indirectly benefited smallstock predators on James Faber’s farm in the Northern Cape. The problem was so severe that he converted his farming operation from sheep and...
Dual-purpose Braunvieh for meat and dairy

Dual-purpose Braunvieh for meat and dairy

Cois Harman believes that the Braunvieh breed is ideal for both beef and milk production.
Boran's rising popularity in the Eastern Cape

Boran’s rising popularity in the Eastern Cape

Boran farmer, Johannes van Rensburg, says that the commitment of individuals advances the breed.
indigenous afrikaner cattle

Afrikaner cattle breed: Origins and future role

The Afrikaner cattle breed is a genetic gold mine for beef production in SA, says Pierre Fouché.
farm in zambia

Starting afresh on a farm in Zambia

Keith Clubb, drawn by low land prices and the favourable climate, moved to Zambia in 1997.

Brahman cattle raised without intervention

Successful Brahman cattle farmer, Neil Haines, says that nature is his greatest ally in farming.
wagyu cattle

Wagyu Cattle: Producing Kobe beef at R1 500/kg

Brian Angus is the owner of the first and largest herd of Japanese Wagyu cattle in South Africa. He desired to introduce South African gourmets to locally-produced Wagyu beef.

Italian beef breed shines at Nampo

One of the highlights of the 2007 Nampo livestock section was the ­Romagnola, an Italian beef cattle breed, which made its debut at this prestigious agricultural show.


managing for profit peter-hughes

Beware the dark side of success

The Bathsheba Syndrome holds dangers for any successful organisation. Understand it and watch out for it.

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