A simple, safe ground clamp for arc welding
A simple, safe ground clamp for arc welding
The design of the Magswitch ground clamp enables it to attach firmly to the shaft of a bolt 25mm in diameter.
Photo: Chris Nel
Chris Nel

This magnetic clamp will earth a piece of metal without the struggle of a crocodile clip.

The Australian-made Magswitch 200A Ground Clamp is a highly efficient arc welding accessory. Permanently fixed onto the lug of the ground cable by means of a M10 bolt and nut with a lock washer, it attaches onto one of the items to be welded by means of a powerful permanent magnet activated by turning the T-shaped switch handle 90° clockwise.

The magnet is activated internally and there is no external moving part except the switch handle. The clamp releases cleanly and instantly by turning the handle back 90° anti-clockwise. It can attach onto any flat or convex surface, even a large diameter pipe or tube, as long as the material is magnetic. Iron and steel, the materials commonly joined by welding, are always magnetic.

The Magswitch 200A Ground Clamp, Part # 8100340, will last a lifetime of heavy use. It costs around R450 (excl VAT) and is available at selected engineering, hardware and tool outlets countrywide. 

Issue date: 14 December 2012

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