A global first: Dry feed mixer feeds out fourfold
A global first: Dry feed mixer feeds out fourfold
German company WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH has made a world breakthrough with its advanced feed-mixing and distribution system. Chris Nel reports.

German company WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH has developed a dry-feed mixer system, called the “TM”, which distributes pig feed into four feed circuits from one compact mixing unit.

With the TM, various feeds can be mixed in one after the other and simultaneously fed out into two parallel running lines. It enables an efficient multi-phase feeding process, shortening feed chain running times and increasing throughput.

A mixing unit can now be adapted so that the feed centre needs only one feeding interval and then feeding doesn’t have to happen twice a day. This system saves costs as the producer needs fewer devices to process the same amount of feed. Existing WEDA units can readily be converted into the TM system.

For more information on TM or for price listings, please e-mail WEDA’s marketing head, Carsten Bergstedt, at c.bergstedt@weda.de or visit www.weda.de.

Read more in the 20 May 2011 issue.

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