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Sound management key to laparoscopy success

Elnora Crous explains to Glenneis Kriel how laparoscopic insemination has helped to accelerate genetic progress in the Dohne Merino stud on their family farm, Jongensklip, near Caledon.
Biosecurity - upgrading your caged layer system

While vaccination helps to prevent poultry disease outbreaks, well-planned biosecurity remains the first line of defence. Agmat Brinkhuis, chairperson of the SA Poultry Association and poultry farmer, spoke to Glenneis Kriel.
Better milk, better cheese from veld-reared goats

Award-winning goat’s cheese and milk producer, Christo Venter, believes A-grade goat’s milk is needed to produce cheese of distinction. He told Gerhard Uys how veld-reared milk goats can supply the high-quality milk needed to achieve this.
The adaptable Afrisim: ideal for feedlot and veld

Afrisim cattle consultant Lynton Vermaak explains to Annelie Coleman that no breeder can afford animals that need unnecessary attention in the economic reality of sustainable and profitable red meat production in South Africa.
Preparing cattle for summer production

Winterfeeding, according to Free State commercial cattle farmer Johan Dannhauser, should not be seen as a separate operation. Rather, it is part of a year-round system that involves all aspects of herd production and pasture management.
‘EBVs are not negotiable’ - top Sussex breeder

Using estimated breeding values has dramatically improved the stud genetics of Free State breeders Chris Nel Snr and Chris Nel Jnr of Eversar Sussex stud. Yet they continue to take visual evaluation very seriously. They explained to Gerhard Uys how they combine these methods.
Merino stud excels in bitter Eastern Cape cold

Tink Strydom’s Hartebeesfontein Stud produces Merinos that excel on grassveld and have good medium to strong wool. He spoke to Gavin Isted.
How to supplement this winter

In preparation for winter, most farmers in summer rainfall areas are supplementing their livestock feed. However, agricultural researcher, Jan Hoon, explains that normal winterfeed supplementation is not enough for animals in drought-stricken areas.
Animal health project assists rural farmers

The Donald Woods Foundation (DWF) is working closely with subsistence and small- scale farmers in the former Transkei to boost animal health and overall food security. Grant Hollins visited the Donald Woods Centre in Hobeni to meet with Ralph Spence, who runs the programme on behalf of the DWF.
Free-range layers - at home in a trailer

On the outskirts of Harrismith in the Free State, a health-conscious farmer has hatched a small but successful egg business. Jo Spilsbury spoke to Jeandré du Preez about her free-range egg business, and the enjoyment of farming pasture-raised hens.
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I received some assistance, but not enough. (44.78 %) Yes, it has been a saving grace. (1.34 %) I have not been affected by the drought. (2.54 %) No, I don’t know how or where to apply. (51.34 %) I received some assistance, but not enough. (44.78 %) Yes, it has been a saving grace. (1.34 %) I have not been affected by the drought. (2.54 %) No, I don’t know how or where to apply. (51.34 %)
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