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Free-range layers - at home in a trailer

On the outskirts of Harrismith in the Free State, a health-conscious farmer has hatched a small but successful egg business. Jo Spilsbury spoke to Jeandré du Preez about her free-range egg business, and the enjoyment of farming pasture-raised hens.
An intensive sheep system that really works

Farmers are often deterred by the challenges of an intensive sheep farming enterprise. Wayne Southwood visited Dr Karin and Manie Wessels who run the Mamre Dorper Stud near Vrede, to see how it is done.
Twee Plus Brangus pushes the breed to new heights

In 2015, Flippie Kotze and his son, Walter, sold a Brangus bull for a SA record price of R500 000 at the National Brangus Sale in the Free State. Mike Burgess visited the Kotze family farm, Swartfontein, in the Aliwal North district of the Eastern Cape, to find out more about the Twee Plus Brangus stud’s recipe for success.
Bonsmara-infused Afrikaners: enhancing performance

Bothaville Stud breeder, Herbert Bruinette, has succeeded in breeding Afrikaner cattle with excellent breeding values and muscling through the introduction of Bonsmara genetics into his herd. He started in 2008 in consultation with animal scientist Danie Bosman. Annelie Coleman spoke to them to find out more about the project.
Locheim Herefords: bred for balance

Philip de Waal, owner of the Locheim studs in the Swartland and on the West Coast, has won regional, national and international awards for his top-performing Hereford cattle. He spoke to Glenneis Kriel about his breeding strategy.
Three-way crossbreeding for optimal production

Crossbreeding two beef breeds is a popular practice among South Africa’s commercial beef producers. A KwaZulu-Natal family that has been in the beef farming business for several decades believes it is reaping the benefits from its less common three-way crossbreeding system.
Achieving shorter ICP

Fertility and a short intercalving period (ICP) are more heritable than experts suggest, says cattle farmer Peter Schultz. He explains to Gerhard Uys that cattle well-adapted to their environment and selected on ICP values can beat the norm.
Building a Boer goat legacy in the Eastern Cape

For four generations, the Jordaan family from the Swaershoek Valley near Somerset East in the Eastern Cape has played a central role in the development of the now internationally acclaimed Boer goat breed. Mike Burgess recently visited Jac Jordaan on the farm Grootvlakte to learn more about his award-winning animals.
Technology – a resource to drive profit in beef operations

Breeding and associated genetic technologies can make a difference to the bottom line in beef cattle herds, says Japie van der Westhuizen of SA Stud Book.
One family, four livestock enterprises

When Cornelius van Niekerk passed away, he left his sons, Jan and Bertie, a commercial beef cattle herd. He also left his daughters-in-law, Marizelle and Annie, a cattle stud each.
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