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Allow nature to select your best performing animals - Clayton Collette

SA Stud Book’s top smallstock breeder for 2015, Clynton Collett from Venterstad, plans to increase the performance of his Meatmaster stud through better selection based on reproductive performance.
Wauldby Dohne Merinos: on the veld for 68 years!

The legendary Wauldby Dohne Merino Stud from the Amabele area near Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape was founded by Deemie Blaine in 1947. Mike Burgess visited Blaine’s grandson, Robbie, a finalist in the 2015 National Sheep Farmer of the Year competition, to find out how he continues to farm his stud in this challenging environment.
Only use the best genetics - Hennie Viljoen

Top stud breeder Hennie Viljoen says farmers must use top genetics to increase productivity and profitability.
How to get the best from ryegrass pasture

New Zealand may be thousands of kilometres away from South Africa, but the dairy industries of both countries share similar challenges. Will Henson, agronomist from Agriseeds New Zealand, visited KZN to share his ideas on optimising dairy profit from ryegrass pasture.
5 Cattle diseases that can kill your business

Veterinarian Dr Jan du Preez discusses the top five diseases that South African farmers should guard against to ensure that their cattle and their bottom-line are not negatively affected.
Grazing management in harmony with nature

Be gentle with nature. Work with what you have on your farm and not with what you would have liked to have. This is the grazing management philosophy of commercial farmers Helmut and Iris Stehn from Dordabis in Namibia.
Senepol cattle: an ideal breed for Africa’s extensive conditions

The Senepol holds the key to sustainable and profitable beef production in South Africa, says Wilhelm Oosthuyzen, owner of Senepol SA’s 2015 Stud Herd of the Year. Annelie Coleman visited his Joxepa Senepol Stud near Bothaville, Free State, to find out more about this remarkable breed.
Beef cows: what to feed when

Beef farmers should take care to match the nutritional needs of a cow to her production cycle to ensure optimal fertility rates, expecially when forage quality is low. Dr Dietmar Holm, associate professor at the Department of Production Animal Studies, University of Pretoria, explains.
TMR dairying in Zambia

There is enormous demand for locally produced fresh milk and processed milk products in Zambia. Kalundu Dairy Farm contributes substantially to supplying this requirement.
Are you handling your livestock correctly?

Studies indicate that gentler livestock handling practices will result in less stress for the animals and fewer stress-related diseases, says Leon Kruger of the smallstock unit at the Agricultural Research Council.
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What are you hoping to hear from President Jacob Zuma in the #SONA2016?
The drought will be declared a national disaster.
Tougher measures to be put in place for the alleviation of crime, especially rural crime.
An action plan for creating a million jobs in the agriculture sector.
I don’t waste my time watching. Every year it’s the same.
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How are you coping with the current drought?
I have planned ahead and stored feed (4.32%)
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Culling cattle (25.07 %) I am not planting this year (24.23 %) I have planned ahead and stored feed (4.32 %) I need help (7.24 %) Praying for rain (39.14 %) Culling cattle (25.07 %) I am not planting this year (24.23 %) I have planned ahead and stored feed (4.32 %) I need help (7.24 %) Praying for rain (39.14 %)
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