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Sheep milk cheese - a quality niche product

Sheep milk is far richer in fat, protein and minerals than milk from cows or goats, and thus makes excellent cheese. While in the Netherlands, Jacques Claassen visited a dairy sheep farm that produces an array of organic sheep milk cheeses.
Managing feed and breeding in replacement females

Heifers, first-calvers, maiden ewes and first-lambers need to be managed properly to reduce risk in terms of productivity versus production costs. Dr Francois van de Vyver, livestock nutritionist with Voermol Feeds, offers advice on this situation.
Milking KZN’s dairy potential

KwaZulu-Natal has the ability to become South Africa’s major dairy supplier, but challenges to the industry, such as cheap imports and departmental incompetency, must first be addressed.
Challenges impeding poultry sector growth

Inadequate and slow service delivery, tight regulations, increased imports and high feed costs are contributing to an increasingly sluggish poultry industry in KwaZulu-Natal. Despite this, opportunities do exist.
Livestock Disease Trends - March 2015

February, March and April are the peak months for insect- and tick-transmitted diseases. The unavailability of the blue tongue vaccine resulted in serious losses to smallstock farmers and everything should be done so that this never happens again.
Rigorous selection is the key to success

For Moorreesburg Merino stud breeder Johann Kotze, careful selection based on performance testing, BLUP values and strict visual selection of wool and conformation traits are all essential for a successful breeding programme.
Profiting from free-range eggs

An increasing number of consumers want to buy products produced under more humane conditions than those found on some battery farms. An egg producer in KwaZulu-Natal is providing one such option.
The value of instant green feed as livestock fodder

Germinated grain produced in a closed system is a highly nutritious fodder, but factors such as the high cost of production and the high moisture content may make it uneconomical, says Prof Tertius Brand.
Successful switch to beef stud breeding

A burgeoning warthog population indirectly benefited smallstock predators on James Faber’s farm in the Northern Cape. The problem was so severe that he converted his farming operation from sheep and goats to a Brangus and Nguni stud. Annelie Coleman investigates the background and outcome.
Man, cattle & veld

In his controversial new book, legendary Southern Africa cattleman Johann Zietsman urges other cattle farmers to buck the status quo, innovate and increase their production by more than 50%. Heather Dugmore summarises his views.
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