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Introducting guar – a resilient, versatile crop

Long grown in India and Pakistan, and more recently in the US, Australia and other parts of Africa, guar is now being introduced to South African crop farmers as a hardy and high-value legume crop for marginal soils.
Drought and disease development in maize

Adverse environmental conditions and disease are placing increasing pressure on maize crops in South Africa, says Dr Belinda Janse van Rensburg, researcher at the ARC-Grain Crops Institute.
‘It’s a privilege to earn my living from the soil’ - David Maleleka

Grain farmer David Maleleka ascribes his success to hard work, perseverance and mentorship. He was chosen as a beneficiary of the Omnia New Business Development project because of his proven record as a grain producer and his commitment as a farmer.
Sugarcane industry - beating the dry season

The sugarcane industry contributes 11% to agri-employment, and creates around 79 000 direct jobs. The crop is resilient, with the ability to bounce back despite tough growing conditions.
SA’s experts on implementing conservation agriculture

Grain SA recently hosted a conservation agriculture promotion day for smallholder farmers growing crops on communal lands in parts of KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape. A number of knowledgeable speakers shared their tips with the farmers and spoke about why they too should join the CA implementation movement – and how.
'Know your vineyards and workers well'- top grape farmer

Award-winning table grape farmer, Pieter Joubert from De Doorns, says that attention to production detail and a professional and dedicated workforce are equally important in successful grape farming.
Promising new cultivars for Western Cape

Willem Kilian and Ernest Dube of the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) Small Grain Institute in Bethlehem, and Henzel Saul of the institute’s branch in Stellenbosch, report on trials conducted on two new wheat cultivars for the winter rainfall region.
From a hot, dry, barren land to an irrigated farm

Dissie Kruger established his wheat, maize and soya bean farm on undeveloped land among the barren hills around Orania in the Northern Cape – and created an economically sustainable model farm.
Irrigating in extreme heat

The Lower Orange River, the country’s second-largest table grape-producing region, is known for its extreme summer temperatures during the peak harvesting season. Farmers have to plan carefully to optimise water usage without wasting this resource. Jaco Visser spoke to table grape and raisin producer Stefaans Zaaiman.
ARC maize trials Part 2: eastern region

The ARC-Grain Crops Institute recently published its 2013/2014 National Maize Cultivar Trials results. Farmer’s Weekly presents the results for the best-yielding hybrids in South Africa’s eastern maize production region.
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