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Allesbeste – pushing the boundaries of innovation

The Ernst family of Allesbeste Boerdery is renowned for its pioneering work in the avocado industry. Through innovative methods, improved genetics and research, the aim is to increase the fruit’s yield per hectare in line with that of other fruit sectors. Alita van der Walt reports.
Alternative vineyard trellising doubles yields in Robertson

There has long been a misconception that good quality wine can only be produced from vineyards with low yields. Glenneis Kriel speaks to three farmers from Robertson who have been able to almost double production volumes without this having a negative impact on wine quality.
Free State Young Farmer upbeat about farming in SA

DJ van der Linde, the 2016 Free State Young Farmer of the Year, maintains that an optimistic attitude can make the difference between success and failure in farming. The young grain producer from Vierfontein spoke to Annelie Coleman.
Seeing a future in ferns

The Gerber family’s Forest Ferns business in Tsitsikamma started with just one product, says Johan Gerber. Today it harvests 35 products on 150 000ha located between Port Elizabeth and George, much of it for export. Jay Ferreira reports.
The delicate art of large-scale rose farming

Langkloof Roses is home to thousands of rose bushes, and its gorgeous cut flowers are well-known at retail outlets in the Western Cape. Jacoba Samuels, who has had nearly two decades of experience on the farm, manages the entire production process. She spoke to Jay Ferreira.
Tillage vs no-till: a farmer’s cost comparison

Agricultural economist and part-time farmer, Dr Philip Theunissen, provides a detailed efficiency and cost comparison between conventional tillage and no-till maize crops.
Irrigation breakthrough: cutting water and energy use in orchards

Robertson farmer, Louis Loubser, has developed a system that allows micro-sprinkler users to significantly reduce their water usage. He spoke to Glenneis Kriel about his invention, the Tree Hog.
Managing no-till soil acidity and fertiliser requirements

No-till may be a sustainable and cost-effective crop production system, but it comes with challenges of its own. Guy Thibaud, veteran soil scientist with the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, explains how to deal with these.
Tunnel farmer’s 2t of herbs a week from 1,2ha

Husband-and-wife team, Miki and Cathy Clark, knew nothing about farming when they began producing herbs and salad leaves on 1,2ha of land five years ago. Now they produce over 2t a week, delivering to outlets in Cape Town five times a week.
Why we bank on butternuts - Drotskie brothers

Francois and Danie Drotskie run a mixed farming operation comprising vegetables, cattle and game. Surprisingly, their butternut crop is amongst their most valued enterprises. Gerhard Uys visited them.
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I received some assistance, but not enough. (44.78 %) Yes, it has been a saving grace. (1.34 %) I have not been affected by the drought. (2.54 %) No, I don’t know how or where to apply. (51.34 %) I received some assistance, but not enough. (44.78 %) Yes, it has been a saving grace. (1.34 %) I have not been affected by the drought. (2.54 %) No, I don’t know how or where to apply. (51.34 %)
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