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The role of hunting in conservation

Jacques van der Westhuizen and Marius Fuls manage a 22 000ha hunting concession and game reserve in Limpopo. According to Jacques, hunters have a responsibility to maintain the ecological balance. Gerhard Uys spoke to them about their successful hunting outfit.
Saving the geometric tortoise

The geometric tortoise is thought to be one of the most endangered species of tortoise on earth. It occurs only in the Western Cape, where over 90% of its habitat has been lost due to agricultural conversion of land. Jay Ferreira reports on efforts to save the species from extinction.
Eastern Cape farmer earns big with blesbok variants

In 2009, Petri Snyman introduced game breeding to his Somerset East livestock operation in an attempt at vertical development. Mike Burgess visited him recently to see how the game component, spearheaded by blesbok colour variants, has transformed the earning potential of Kroonkop Farms in the Eastern Cape.
Breeding high-value game species in North West

Klein Buisfontein Ranch is an intensive game- breeding enterprise run on relatively small land. The operation includes several rare carnivores and colour variants of antelope.
The 238km jackal-proof fence

The Koup jackal-proof fence project shows it is possible for farmers and government to work together successfully on community ventures.
More bang for your buck with game, say the Crous brothers

After 13 years, the decision of Kroonstad’s Crous brothers to convert their family’s commercial cattle farm into a game farm is paying off handsomely. According to Riaan Crous, cattle simply cannot beat the income per hectare earned from game.
A promising new colour variant for game farmers

With colour variants in rare game being in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, ‘White Saddleback’ blesbok may be the way to go for breeders who want to ensure colouring won’t change over time. Gerhard Uys examines this hardy breed.
An exclusive game hotel for high-value guests

An innovative idea for a ‘game hotel’ has boosted the profitability of Willem and Calla van Niekerk’s game farming enterprise, eliminating the need for production credit. Annelie Coleman visited their farm Langkop in Boshof to learn more about their novel business.
Securing a future for endangered fynbos fish

Through a partnership involving five organisations, efforts to save SA’s endangered fynbos fish continue. The recent project focuses on the Biedouw River in the Cederberg.
How hunting helped this livestock farmer survive drought

Marco and Regine Seefeldt have been farming on the banks of the Black Nossob River, 90km east of Windhoek, since 2000. They lease the 5 000ha farm, Silversand, from Marco’s father, Bernd, while Regine inherited Otjihundu (8 000ha) from her family.
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