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John Kepe: Boschberg’s infamous stock thief

The Eastern Cape town of Somerset East lies at the foot of the imposing and rugged Boschberg Mountain. Here, legendary stock thief and murderer, John Kepe, lived in a cave for over a decade before being apprehended and executed. Mike Burgess writes about his rise and fall.
Unleashing canine power in the war against poachers

Rangers fighting against rhino poachers in South Africa have been issued with a powerful new weapon: dogs. The breeds chosen have extreme scenting ability, and have already succeeded in tracking down numerous poachers. Jay Ferreira reports.
A trip down the Nqabara River valley

The Nqabara River mouth on the Wild Coast boasts exceptional fishing and unique natural beauty. In addition, the Nqabara River valley’s route to the coast also presents a rewarding glimpse into the area’s rich 19th century military and commercial history, as Mike Burgess discovered.
Transformation plans for the poultry industry

South Africa’s quest for global competitiveness has widened the gap between established poultry producers and new entrants. It is imperative to come up with new transformation models. Dr Charlotte Nkuna, head of transformation at the SA Poultry Association, spoke to Jacques Claassen about possible scenarios.
200 years of tenacity on the ‘Absolute Border’

The Jefferies family farm on land near Kei Mouth that was settled by their ancestors in the early 1870s. Family members who first settled along the former Cape’s Eastern Frontier in 1820 endured wars and other hardships.
Still tilling the soil after six generations

Much of South African agriculture is founded on the blood, sweat and tears of generations of farming families and their workers. The Scheuers are one such family, arriving on Natal soil in 1859 and remaining there today, six generations later.
Farming in Zambia: In it for the long haul

Sable Farms, in central Zambia, has belonged to the same family for 42 years. Over the decades, the Gordons have grown their operation to meet changing demands. Lloyd Phillips talks to Dave Gordon about farming in Zambia.
A beautiful obsession with butterflies & beetles

Ernest Pringle, Eastern Cape farmer and chairperson of Agri SA’s Agricultural Development Committee, has the country’s largest private butterfly collection and is responsible for establishing South Africa’s most famous butterfly reserve. Mike Burgess visited him on his farm to find out more about his love for butterflies and insects in general.
Diversifying for profitability in Zambia

Although Zambia has a thriving agricultural sector, much of the industry still lags in the implementation of modern practices and technologies for improved productivity and profitability. One operation, however, is setting the trend for being a progressive and diversified farming business.
Sharing his skills with others

Mpumalanga farmer Johannes Simelane is thankful for the agricultural expertise his late employer shared with him, and is now sharing it with others in his community.
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I received some assistance, but not enough. (44.78 %) Yes, it has been a saving grace. (1.34 %) I have not been affected by the drought. (2.54 %) No, I don’t know how or where to apply. (51.34 %) I received some assistance, but not enough. (44.78 %) Yes, it has been a saving grace. (1.34 %) I have not been affected by the drought. (2.54 %) No, I don’t know how or where to apply. (51.34 %)
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