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Ugandan dairy industry benefits from US experts

A small dairy research farm near Gulu in northern Uganda is benefiting from the expertise of a large US-based dairy operation, Country Dairy. On a recent trip to South Africa, Country Dairy herd manager, SA-born Johan Vosloo, spoke to Gerhard Uys about how similar empowerment models could to help stimulate the small- to medium-scale agricultural sector in South Africa.
Diversifying on a small scale for reduced financial risk

Small-scale farming operations are just as exposed to risk as their larger counterparts. Diversifying production is therefore also an option on smaller farms to mitigate this risk.
The Mooketsis' fast rise to commercial success

Farmers Kabelo and Matshidiso Mooketsi had no previous agricultural knowledge before they began working on a communal farm in 2008. Despite a lack of experience and a difficult introduction to the sector, they persisted and now run an award-winning mixed livestock operation in North West. Wayne Southwood visited them on their farm.
Commercial success from humble start

Becoming a farmer didn’t simply fall into Willem Klaase’s lap. He and his wife, Martha, worked hard and took risks to get where they are today. He talked to Glenneis Kriel about this journey.
From gardener to top provincial farm worker

Alexious Shoko, Western Cape Farm Worker of the Year, suffered setbacks and financial despair. Yet he refused to give up. He spoke to Jeandré du Preez about his inspiring journey to success.
Pebbles – an educational cornerstone in the winelands

Children in farming communities often face educational obstacles as well as lack of support and encouragement to achieve success. Charmaine Gola from the Pebbles Project spoke to Jeandré du Preez about how this non-profit organisation endeavours to ensure that every child it works with becomes a constructive contributor to society.
Building a family farming legacy

The Toyota New Harvest of the Year finalist for 2015, Koena Jack Moradu, has a simple yet sensible vision: to leave a legacy that will allow his children and his children’s children to continue working the soil.
Making every opportunity count in the Eastern Cape

Aviwe Gxotiwe farms with his father, Harry, on a 2 400ha irrigation farm along the Fish River in the Somerset East district, Eastern Cape. Mike Burgess visited this ambitious young man to learn about his journey to Soutvleij farm and his hopes to make it commercially viable.
Many hands make light work

Stephan Fourie of Potato Pride near Frankfort in the Free State sees his workforce and surrounding community as a responsibility not to be taken lightly. He explains his approach to Gerhard Uys.
Giving security of tenure to your valued farm workers

While the South African government and the country’s white farming sector are still finding mutually acceptable ways to implement land reform, a small agri-village in the Winterton area of KwaZulu-Natal became a trendsetter decades ago.
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