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Irrigation systems – horses for courses

Key factors determine the application, irrigation efficiency and economics of cost-effective sprinkler systems, whether hand-movable, solid set or centre pivot.
Rise of the techno farmer

Digital technology and innovative machinery is enabling producers to run their operations more efficiently and quickly, while cutting costs. Christi van den Heever and Danie Viljoen, production managers at Graaff Fruit, show Glenneis Kriel how some of this technology works on their farms.
More milk from ‘free choice’ cows

A dairy cow management system that allows cows to decide when to eat, rest and be milked has showed positive results in the Netherlands.
Fruitlook – removing the guesswork from irrigation

The Western Cape Department of Agriculture is financing technology that enables fruit growers to measure water-use efficiency and plant growth. This could potentially save farmers thousands of rands.
Boosting communal goat nutrition

Acacia karroo is a potential source of cheap protein for goats during the dry season, says researcher assistant David Brown.
Higher dairy productivity, lower greenhouse gas levels

Milk and animal production has an environmental impact – regardless. But intensifying the process can reduce this impact. Research in the Netherlands is showing the way.
Solving forage shortages in dairy herds

Stellenbosch student Lobke Steyn won an award for the best MSc dissertation in Animal Science in 2014. Farmer’s Weekly presents an overview of Steyn’s paper, which examined the potential of feeding non-forage fibre supplements to milking cows in winter.
Can once-a-day milking work in South Africa?

In general, dairy farmers use a twice-a-day milking regime, long regarded as the optimal system for milk harvesting. However, once-a-day milking has been used for some time as part of herd management strategies in New Zealand, and is becoming increasingly popular there.
Turning waste green

An alternative waste handling solution being piloted in Secunda aims to convert potentially harmful biosludge into an environmentally-friendly compost.
Managing water for the future

Local, regional and national government, the World Wide Fund for Nature and Nedbank’s Green Trust are partnering with farmers in a project aimed at restoring water balance in the Umgeni catchment of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, and other catchments countrywide. The aim is to insure water for the future.
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Yes, I find them quite informative (48.28 %) No, I usually can’t get internet connection (13.79 %) What is YouTube? (10.34 %) I prefer reading about farming  (27.59 %) Yes, I find them quite informative (48.28 %) What is YouTube? (10.34 %)
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