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An integrated eco-farming business

Farmer Tom Turner runs an unsual mixed farming operation with his father Frank Turner near Wellington in the Western Cape. By working with and for the sake of nature, Bontebok Ridge Reserve is seeing success both economically and ecologically.
Plans to diversify to ensure sustainability

Gugu Mlipha is the SA Agricultural Writers’ New Entrant to Commercial Farming for 2015. She farms vegetables on 6ha in Walkerville, Gauteng, and also runs a vegetable processing business. She has plans to further diversify her business.
Potatoes: lessons from the UK

Leading UK potato producer Tony Bambridge was recently sponsored by Syngenta to give a presentation at the Potatoes SA Congress on potato production and market trends in his home country. He spoke to Glenneis Kriel about the lessons that had been learnt in the industry.
Keeping track of livestock production profitability

The Namibian Agricultural Union’s Production-Cost Index is a valuable tool for determining and monitoring price trends in the country’s livestock production industries, according to Jaco Hanekom, the union’s assistant manager of commodities. The index has lately shown an alarming negative price trend in cattle production.
Transporting produce in SA – yesterday, today and tomorrow

The cost of transportation has become an ever-greater burden for SA farmers. There are several reasons, for this. Transport consultant Alistair Christison and Prof Jan Havenga, director of the Supply Chain Management Centre at Stellenbosch University, gave Gerhard Uys insights into the road and rail situation – and what can be done to improve matters.
Get ready: sustainable farming is here to stay

The definition of successful production is changing. Where high output and farm profits were the main measures of farming success in the past, today what matters just as much is the impact of farming on nature and others when measuring it. Kobus Pienaar spoke to Glenneis Kriel about this trend.
The big cheese of Darling

Within four years of its launch, a micro cheese enterprise in Darling is experiencing macro demand from gourmet outlets across the Western Cape for its soft European-style cheeses – a rarity in South Africa. Jay Ferreira visited Carla Bryan of Udderly Delicious Cheese to find out more.
Cut electricity costs with wood gasification

A South African company, CLC Solar Wind Energy, has recently developed a cost-effective gasifier to allow farmers to generate electricity from wood or stone fruit pits. Chris Coetzee, project manager of the company, told Glenneis Kriel more about the technology.
Traceability systems in the SA food industry

If the South African food industry wishes to compete successfully on a global scale, a viable and workable traceability system must be introduced and adopted, says Anné Calitz, research assistant at the University of the Free State’s Department of Agricultural Economics.
Mastering the sport of kings in South Africa

Until about two decades ago, SA racehorse breeders tended to purchase stallions that were very good, but not exceptional. In more recent years, the stallions used in South Africa are world-class. The Taberer family, owners of the Avontuur Wine Estate near Stellenbosch, have made an important contribution to the sport.
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