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Standard Bank advises farmers to view agriculture as an investment vehicle

It’s important to plan beyond the drought in a sector that will remain a driver of economic growth & social stability.
6 tactics to achieve successful sales at the market

National and regional fresh produce markets are openly available to all producers. Yet using them optimally requires some planning and management. Deon van Zyl, managing director of the RSA Group of market agents, shares six tips with Wilma den Hartigh that can help a farmer establish a strong presence on the market floor and achieve profitable sales.
Consumer research for meat products

In order to boost sales, it’s important to know your customers and what they expect, say Tineil Hurter and Marina Bester of Lamb and Mutton South Africa.
The lean farming philosophy

‘Lean agriculture’ is used by many farmers in the US, Europe and Asia. Specialists on the subject, Susanne Pejstrup, Len Hansen and Jan Erasmus, argue that South Africa’s farmers can apply similar principles here to improve operational efficiency and become more competitive. Wilma den Hartigh spoke to the three to find out more.
Passionate about alpacas

In 2010, Stephen and Linda Nessworthy established Quenti Alpacas, near Wellington. Offering a range of luxury alpaca products under the Cape Alpaca brand, Quenti Alpacas breeds and sells alpacas, and is the only mill in South Africa that specialises in locally grown alpaca fibre.
Conquering the indigenous flower market

Some people thought Joretha Grib was headed for failure when she told them of her plans to farm high-quality indigenous flowers. Today, her business, which supplies the local and export markets, is flourishing. She spoke to Glenneis Kriel about her business strategy.
Innovation keeps Agrico at the top

Agrico has served the SA farming community for more than a hundred years. Alfred Andrag, fourth-generation member of this family business, talked to Glenneis Kriel about how the company stays ahead of the game while retaining traditional values.
Rietfontein Boerdery: farm, hiking trails & wedding venue

Cattle and maize farmers Maurice and Celestè Leonard have established hiking trails, a wedding venue and accommodation on their Gauteng farm. They spoke to Gerhard Uys.
Emerald Vale Brewery – craft beer with added value

Craft breweries have become popular in South Africa in recent years. Grant Hollins visited Emerald Vale Brewery on the Wild Coast to learn about its commercial success.
Coffee and olive oil: authentic Italy in the Western Cape

Capitalising on their Italian heritage, Carlo and Lucar Marra have turned their interest in Italian food specialities into a lucrative agritourism business on their 30ha farm. They spoke to Jeandré du Preez about their growing success.
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