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Plan for aggressive revival of rural farming

Developing farmers’ lack of access to markets and facilities was highlighted by Eastern Cape Rural Development and Agrarian Reform MEC, Mlibo Qoboshiyane, in an interview with Luyolo Mkentane. The minister is also keen to ignite a passion for agriculture amongst young people.
WRSA's Dr Peter Oberem talks wildlife ranching

Wildlife ranching continues to be a fast-growing industry with a bright future, notwithstanding recent negative press that its practices harm conservation, says Dr Peter Oberem, president of Wildlife Ranching SA.
Clover upbeat about dairy’s prospects

Clover recently posted improved interim results showing a 7,9% revenue increase, a margin partly attributed to higher retail prices. Other positive news from the company was the completion of a repositioning project, Cielo Blu, followed by the acquisition of Dairybelle’s UHT plant in the Western Cape and Dairybelle’s yoghurt plant in Bloemfontein. An upbeat Johann Vorster, Clover’s CEO, spoke to Nan Smith.
Keep it the way nature intended!

It’s time to get back on the natural track and keep South Africa’s game herds wild and healthy, says Dr Gerhard Verdoorn, president of the SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association.
Finding realistic ways to boost Southern Africa’s agri output

More than 30 million people in Southern Africa do not have access to enough food. The Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (Stias) is examining ways in which agricultural production can be increased in a sustainable way. Stias fellow Dr Janos Bogardi talks to Glenneis Kriel.
Secrets to success in the US citrus market

A more open attitude towards citrus black spot is emerging in the US, and this market should soon open up to SA producers countrywide. Piet Smit, a director of the Western Cape Citrus Producers’ Forum, spoke to Glenneis Kriel about the need for a coordinated marketing strategy.
Government fails to appreciate SA farmers’ contribution

Independent economist Dr Kobus Laubscher talks to Annelie Coleman about the economic benefits of last year’s record maize harvest and the consequences of this year’s vastly reduced harvest.
Don't be afraid - engage with government

Agriculture minister Senzeni Zokwana tells Denene Erasmus that farmers need not fear radical land reform policy changes because the government will never force them to abandon their farms.
Dairy safety standards – the dangers of non-compliance

Breaching food safety regulations in the dairy industry would not only risk consumer health, but seriously harm the image of the entire dairy value chain. Jompie Burger, managing director of Dairy Standards Agency, spoke to Lloyd Phillips about the importance of monitoring products.
Seed potato production – not for the faint-hearted

Seed potato production is complex and calls for dedication and perseverance, says Sanette Thiart, managing director of the South African Potato Certification Service.
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Yes, I find them quite informative (48.28 %) No, I usually can’t get internet connection (13.79 %) What is YouTube? (10.34 %) I prefer reading about farming  (27.59 %) Yes, I find them quite informative (48.28 %) What is YouTube? (10.34 %)
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