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The importance of risk management

Daan Hugo, managing director of CertiSure, says that while avoiding risk in the South African agricultural sector is out of the question, various risk management tools are available to help in the assessment and prioritisation of risks. Annelie Coleman reports.
SA’s dire need for agricultural insurance subsidies

The Land Bank is urging government to implement index-based insurance to support farmers facing the multiple risks associated with climate change and disease outbreaks. Mpumi Tyikwe, the Land Bank Insurance Company’s managing director, argues that South Africa will struggle to remain food secure should the state not assist.
SA grain production – present and future

Jaco Minnaar, from Hennenman in the Free State, was elected as Grain SA chairperson earlier this year. He spoke to Annelie Coleman about the organisation’s future plans, and what role commodity organisations such as Grain SA have to play to ensure long-term sustainable and profitable grain production in South Africa.
Trends in animal health and veterinary services

Dr Gordon Adam, Western Cape coordinator of the Ruminant Veterinary Association of SA (RuVasa), spoke to Glenneis Kriel about developments in the sector.
Battling poverty through conservation

There is no doubt that Zululand’s iSimangaliso Wetland Park is a crown jewel in South Africa’s heritage. Managing the diverse aspects of this World Heritage Site is no easy task, however. iSimangaliso’s CEO, Andrew Zaloumis, gives Lloyd Phillips an overview of what it involves.
Building and running a mega-ranch

Roelof Bezuidenhout interviews Arthur Rudman, WRSA’s rancher of the year and MD of Blaauwkrantz Farming Enterprises in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape.
Financial advice for farmers

Many farmers are not only struggling with the environmental effects of the drought, but experiencing monetary difficulties. Marius Volschenk, Nedbank’s area manager of agriculture in Bloemfontein, spoke to Annelie Coleman about the importance of long-term financial planning.
Potato farmers feel the pinch

Sandveld potato producers’ earnings remain under pressure, despite potato prices reaching record highs this year. Jan van Zyl, chairperson of the Sandveld Potato Producers’ Association, spoke to Glenneis Kriel about the region’s future in potato production.
Value-adding ensures long-term sustainability and profitability

Through a number of value-adding enterprises, Free State agribusiness VKB has created a viable downstream market for the commodities in its production area. Annelie Coleman asked Sas Kasselman, VKB Managing director of industries, to explain the thinking and the systems behind his company’s value-adding drive.
Update on new AgriBEE codes

What are the implications of the new AgriBee codes for farmers, small agri-businesses and large enterprises? Consultant Melcus Nel talks to Gerhard Uys about the way forward.
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