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Potato farmers feel the pinch

Sandveld potato producers’ earnings remain under pressure, despite potato prices reaching record highs this year. Jan van Zyl, chairperson of the Sandveld Potato Producers’ Association, spoke to Glenneis Kriel about the region’s future in potato production.
Value-adding ensures long-term sustainability and profitability

Through a number of value-adding enterprises, Free State agribusiness VKB has created a viable downstream market for the commodities in its production area. Annelie Coleman asked Sas Kasselman, VKB Managing director of industries, to explain the thinking and the systems behind his company’s value-adding drive.
Update on new AgriBEE codes

What are the implications of the new AgriBee codes for farmers, small agri-businesses and large enterprises? Consultant Melcus Nel talks to Gerhard Uys about the way forward.
Land reform – how to take the process forward

Ownership of land in South Africa is a highly politicised and emotive issue. However, were land reform better administered, it could serve as a possible solution to rural poverty in the country. Agricultural Writers SA agriculturalist of the year for 2015, Prof Ben Cousins from the Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies at the University of Western Cape, shares his thoughts on land reform and redistribution with Jeandré du Preez.
SA can compete in the global livestock genetics market

South Africa is a top producer of livestock genetics and has the technological edge needed to supply high-quality semen to local and international markets. Dr Fanie Steyn, MD of Ramsem, which has partnered with Taurus-Evolution to set up a new bull station in Bloemfontein, talks to Annelie Coleman.
Agricultural financing and its challenges

The drastic increase in the cost of agricultural inputs, among others, has resulted in an increased demand for alternative production finance, according to Prof Sanlie Middelberg, associate professor at North-West University’s Potchefstroom campus’s School of Accounting Sciences. Annelie Coleman asked her about the provision of production finance in the sector.
Land Commission on hitting its targets

Chief Land Claims Commissioner Nomfundo Ntloko-Gobodo recently shared the commission’s successes with Luyolo Mkentane. She detailed how the commission intended achieving its aims and engaging with organised agriculture to ensure that restituted land was used for the benefit of all.
Leopard conservation in a spot of bother

A study by Dr Lourens Swanepoel, a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Venda, focuses on carnivore conservation and management. Its author spoke to Gerhard Uys about his extensive research on leopards.
The importance of the agri water footprint

The agriculture industry’s water footprint is expected to play an increasingly important role in the future. A responsible footprint will add markedly to water conservation in a dry country such as South Africa, Dr Henry Jordaan, senior lecturer at the University of the Free State’s Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, told Annelie Coleman.
Inside Namibia’s stud-breeding industry

The Namibian stud livestock breeding industry currently consists of 79 000 head of registered livestock. Annelie Coleman spoke to Jacque Els, CEO of the Namibian Stud Breeders’ Association in Windhoek, about the distinguishing features of the industry in his country.
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