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Why conserving Africa’s biodiversity is so crucial

While the topic of food security is being increasingly discussed in many parts of the world, it appears that in Africa this vitally important subject receives far too little attention, says renowned conservationist and environmental consultant, Dr John Hanks.
Botswana beef exports: opportunities for SA farmers?

Preferential access to the EU should be fully exploited by Botswana’s beef producers and feedlots. More cattle need to be exported, with local demand being met by imports from South Africa, say Absa’s Wessel Lemmer and the BMC’s Dr AK Tombale.
Growing South Africa’s global fruit exports

The SA fruit and nut markets are driven by global supply and demand. Ezra Steenkamp, deputy director of trade research at the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), and an associate researcher at the department of agricultural economics at the University of Pretoria, discusses research findings on trade opportunities for the SA fruit and nut industries.
Food for Africa: investing in the future

Multinational agricultural companies have the capacity and expertise to provide African countries with the inputs needed to grow farming operations – even in challenging climatic conditions, according to DuPont Pioneer president Paul E Schickler.
Emerging farmers must be empowered

Willem de Chavonnes Vrugt, a commercial farmer from Setlagole in North West, argues that agricultural transformation is essential for the sustainability of the sector. He stresses, however, that government’s current land reform and transformation policies have no hope of succeeding.
Drought-stricken agriculture sector needs more help!

While Grain SA economist, Wandile Sihlobo, understands that South Africa is experiencing severe financial constraints, he believes that the government needs to prioritise, and increase, funding to its drought-stricken agriculture sector. He writes here in his personal capacity.
South Africa, wake up and smell the water!

Increasing demand, pollution, poor management structures and crumbling sewerage infrastructure could spell catastrophe for South Africa’s freshwater supply. Prof Anthony Turton, professor at University of the Free State’s centre for environmental management, takes a closer look at this dire situation.
Calling on our commercial and mega farmers

Developing South Africa’s emerging farmers will only be successful if the country’s commercial and mega farming sectors become involved, says Nick Serfontein, chairperson of the Sernick Group.
Why the use of draft animals must start gaining traction

Promoting and supporting the use of draft animals will have significant consequences for the empowerment of emerging farmers and the communities in which they live, says animal traction expert, Bruce Joubert.
Encroaching bush, grass threaten SA farming

Prof William Bond, chief scientist at the South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON), explains why earlier predictions about changes to South Africa’s biomes due to climate change turned out to be wrong.
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