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Time to put the economy first #SONA2016

Dr Frans Cronje of the SA Institute of Race Relations sets out the policy objectives that President Jacob Zuma should emphasise in the State of the Nation Address to rescue South Africa’s struggling economy.
Slow growth in the year ahead

Weak growth among major emerging markets will weigh on global growth in 2016, according to the World Bank’s January 2016 Global Economic Prospects. Sub-Saharan Africa could face muted growth due to low commodity prices, power capacity constraints and China’s economic slowdown.
Gaining perspective

Farmer’s Weekly business columnist Peter Hughes reflects on the state of South Africa and the world, and in doing so realises that there’s nowhere else on Earth he’d rather be.
Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Africa

As industrialising countries struggle to feed themselves, the world will look increasingly to Africa to be the solution. But according to a new report by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the first step is for African food security efforts to become more urgent so that the continent can thrive.
Food wastage in SA: the shameful facts

Farmers today produce a staggering 50% more food than is needed to feed everyone on earth. Why then are millions of people still hungry? The reason, suggests the National Agricultural Marketing Council, lies mainly in the widespread wastage of food.
Invest in women for faster economic growth

Given enough opportunity, women entrepreneurs can increase economic growth in Africa, according to Estherine Lisinge-Fotabong of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development Agency. She was speaking at the recent second conference for Women in Agribusiness in Durban.
Hunters need leadership and vision

Gerhard Damm, the editor of African Indaba, Conservation Force’s African newsletter, reviews some of the points raised in a recent online debate concerning hunting as a conservation tool.
Cloudy on climate change

Climate change alarmism is profoundly influencing policymakers. Yet some experts question the received wisdom on the issue, and worry that current policies can cause harm. Environmental specialist, Dr John Ledger, addressed the issue at the De Beers Diamond Route Conference.
Madam Customer is always right

To make it in the market these days, you have to know exactly who your customer is and satisfy her specific demands. A ‘shotgun’ approach to marketing will get you nowhere. This was the message of Dr Johan van Deventer, managing director of Freshmark, speaking at the Undercover Farming Conference held at Simondium in the Western Cape recently.
Resolute Namibian farmers cope with drought, disease

Namibia’s commercial farmers have endured hardship over the past year, with their resilience tested by a harsh extended drought and ongoing foot-and-mouth disease. Derek Wright, exiting president of the Namibian Agricultural Union (NAU), paid them tribute at the official opening of the 2015 NAU congress in Windhoek.
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What are you hoping to hear from President Jacob Zuma in the #SONA2016?
The drought will be declared a national disaster.
Tougher measures to be put in place for the alleviation of crime, especially rural crime.
An action plan for creating a million jobs in the agriculture sector.
I don’t waste my time watching. Every year it’s the same.
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How are you coping with the current drought?
I have planned ahead and stored feed (4.32%)
Culling cattle (25.07%)
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Praying for rain (39.14%)
I need help (7.24%)
Culling cattle (25.07 %) I am not planting this year (24.23 %) I have planned ahead and stored feed (4.32 %) I need help (7.24 %) Praying for rain (39.14 %) Culling cattle (25.07 %) I am not planting this year (24.23 %) I have planned ahead and stored feed (4.32 %) I need help (7.24 %) Praying for rain (39.14 %)
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