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Farmer’s Weekly is available in digital format via Zinio and Magzter. You can download these free apps from your preferred online store, such as iTunes or Google Play (for Android).

If you use a tablet or phone, open the Magzter app and type ‘Farmer’s Weekly’ (no italics necessary) in the search box. You can then decide if you want a subscription (and if so, for how long) or a single edition (which could include a back issue!).

Next, it’s time to pay.

Both platforms use a highly secure credit card payment system and the globally respected PayPal.

If you only use a laptop or desktop, you need to download Zinio’s Desktop Reader for PC or Mac.

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This week's competition
Titanic: 10 facts you didn't know
This week's poll
For what reasons do you hunt?
I shoot for the pot only.
I shoot for the pot and trophies.
I hunt for trophies only.
I hunt to rid my land of vermin.
I do not hunt.
Last week's poll
How do you protect your farm from crime-related incidents?
Video surveillance cameras and electric fences (13.12%)
Watch dogs (32.99%)
Neighbourhood watch (22.62%)
Security guards (22.68%)
Nothing (8.59%)
Watch dogs (32.99 %) Video surveillance cameras and electric fences (13.12 %) Nothing (8.59 %) Security guards (22.68 %) Neighbourhood watch (22.62 %) Watch dogs (32.99 %) Video surveillance cameras and electric fences (13.12 %) Nothing (8.59 %)
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