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Cape Flats vegetable farmer cashes in on informal market

Cape Flats vegetable farmer cashes in on informal market

Extensive diversification, including vegetable production, livestock sales and a farm stall, has helped Philippi farmer, Leon Rix, to significantly reduce his business risk. He spoke to Glenneis Kriel about the...
Maize production: Managing critical plant growth stages

Maize production: Managing critical plant growth stages

There is more to a maize land than meets the eye. It is a mass production facility with thousands of efficient ‘factories’ per hectare, each storing the sun’s energy through...
Addressing the risk of polluted irrigation water

Addressing the risk of polluted irrigation water

A recent study published by the Water Research Commission highlights the urgent need for identifying on-farm treatment options to help reduce the high levels of microbial contamination in irrigation waters,...
After planting, seedlings do not grow for about three weeks. Thereafter, they grow to about hip-height in a matter of weeks.

Great returns with tobacco, the ideal cash crop

Tobacco producer, Peter Kok, says that tobacco is a cash crop that can assist diversification and expansion.
Farmers in the area are sensitive to water usage and adapt accordingly, so that farming remains sustainable.

The Sandveld’s 75t/day family potato business

JH Laubscher Broers has one of the largest potato-growing concerns in the Western Cape, with 300ha under irrigation all through the year.

Biological wine farmer achieves twice regional average yield

Seven years ago, Fritz Breytenbach, a wine grape producer in the Robertson Valley, embarked on his biological farming journey. Today, he is reaping the benefits by producing almost double the...
Precision farming, new technology and an eye for opportunity

Precision farming, new technology and an eye for opportunity

Grain SA’s Grain Producer of the Year 2016, Jozua du Plessis, was one of the first grain producers in South Africa to implement precision farming practices in the late 1990s....

Sugar cane: prevent soil compaction and improve yield

Since the introduction of industrial agricultural practices in South African sugar cane production, soil compaction has led to a steady decrease in average yield and profitability. Dr Rianto van Antwerpen, a...

Producing high-quality extra virgin olive oil

In the Paardeberg near Wellington, Slent Farms are producers of superior quality olive oil. Michela Sfiligoi and Attilio Dalpiaz spoke to Jay Ferreira about their successful operation.

Farming in Poland, Europe’s growth engine

Poland’s agricultural sector has undergone significant changes over the past 25 years, and the country now has the potential to become Europe’s major food production and processing hub.

Converting from traditional to conservation farming

The recent drought in the Swartland made Abri Richter realise that he had to adapt his farming techniques to ensure his operation’s long-term sustainability. He spoke to Glenneis Kriel about...

ZZ2’s, 10 000t of avocados using nature-friendly methods

The ZZ2 farming business’s nature-friendly agricultural practices have secured it a reputation as a world leader in the field. Wilma den Hartigh visited ZZ2’s farm in Limpopo to find out...


Quiet, cost-effective Avant loaders

Quiet, cost-effective Avant loaders

Avant’s battery-powered loaders are ideal for indoor use where ventilation is limited. They can work at full power without exposing the operators and their co-workers to dangerous exhaust emissions, says...

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