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Agritourism can offer farmers an ideal avenue for diversifying their agricultural enterprises while earning additional income. In a four-part series, Julinda Schroeder examines the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a tourism...

To catch a carp

SA fishing tackle suppliers have capitalised on the popularity of carp angling and the many ways to catch this voracious fish.
Lakenvlei Forest Lodge in Mpumalanga, is situated in a 4 500ha pine plantation near Belfast, and offers a truly laid-back holiday experience.

Plough for more

It is expected that South Africa will regain its status as a net exporter of maize with the second biggest maize crop on record since 1980, forecast for this season.

Lamps for lambs

The prevailing cold weather sees farmers resorting to inventive ways to save lambs and kids from exposure to low temperatures.
National Treasury denied a request by the local automotive industry to exempt double-cabs and small bakkies from a new carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions tax that is to be implemented on...
The seven-year-old white rhino, who survived a brutal attack in the Eastern Cape in April 2015, passed away this week.
Population growth and rapid urbanisation will lead to a strong increase in the demand for food globally which means that the future looks bright for agriculture, but there are many...
Berg winds caused sharp rises in temperatures in the Eastern Cape on Monday (11 April), with Coega, outside Port Elizabeth, the hottest at almost 40°C.
Applying lean agriculture could help SA's farmers improve operational efficiency
Hard work and tenacity have turned a tiny enterprise into a flourishing commercial operation.
Much controversy has surrounded South Africa’s poultry imports from the US. Freelance journalist, Peter Fabricius, examines this thorny issue and attempts to clarify some misconceptions.
Gugu Mlipha is the SA Agricultural Writers’ New Entrant to Commercial Farming for 2015. She farms vegetables on 6ha in Walkerville, Gauteng, and also runs a vegetable processing business. She...
Wildlife managers need experience and ability to succeed in this exciting, growing business.
Aquaponics involves the organic production of crops and fish in a holistic system – the plants are cultivated using fish waste as the main source of nutrients. Leslie Ter Morshuizen...
I received emails from Vincent in KwaZulu-Natal and Thambo in the Transkei. Both have the same problem as most of us in South Africa: limited finances.

Heavenly hummus

A Biblical meal (Ruth 2:14) and the standard nosh of Israel and other Middle Eastern countries, hummus can be made with ease in your own kitchen. It can also be...
This could just as easily be grilled pork or even the next unexpected culinary event at the family braai. Whatever the cooking method, the outcome will thrill your diners and...

Rooftop viewing deck

Dear Jonno I have been reading your column in Farmer’s Weekly for a long time and have attached a rough floor plan for a structure we intend building. Space is...
This dish is a symphony of crisp, lightly-oiled vegetables of different colours and tastes, heightened by fresh oregano and rosemary. Toss in some rare steak plus a dash of Thai-inspired...

A house of steel?

Jonno suggests that when building a house don't use steel to support the structure. Steel or a metal frames should be used for farm shedding, barns, etc.
Buscopan is effective for treating colic. But take care: the main ingredient is on the list of banned substances for competitions, warns Dr Mac.
Prevention is always better than cure. Kim Dyson offers some tips on how to avoid insulin resistance.
Brangus cattle are making an indelible impression on the Malawian beef industry. The breed is well-adapted to farming conditions in Malawi, says Peter Tselingas, Brangus breeder and owner of the...
Identifying and preventing botulism and tetanus.
Within two seasons, and without warning, the Eastern Cape's free-ranging kudu numbers have shifted from 'too many' to 'too few'. Roelof Bezuidenhout speculates on what could've gone wrong.
The aquaculture development zones proposed by government are not the way to develop the sector.
There are many pots on the boil on the farm of DAFF’s Best Female Entrepreneur of the Year, but the main course is based on Moringa.
Records show that people have been harvesting onions for about 7 000 years. The Egyptians were cultivating them around 3500BC, and used onions to treat many medical conditions.

Answer that phone!

Businesses that practise good customer relations make sure their ‘frontline people’ – those who answer the phone – are trained, competent, friendly and helpful.
The Nohari family of the Tongaat area in KwaZulu-Natal has been farming succesfully for five generations. They share some of the highs and lows of fresh produce farming with Lloyd...
While much is still uncertain about the local biofuel industry, Mozambique is already planting vast jatropha plantations for biodiesel production. The country's minister of Science and Technology has announced that...
Having ignored my own advice – given to readers in a past column – I recently ended up paying the price.

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