Celebrating 106 years on the land

Today we celebrate Farmer’s Weekly’s 106th birthday. This is not only a celebration of 106 years of publishing, but of over a century of commercial farming in Southern Africa.
Get ready to live in a different world

Get ready to live in a different world

I read an article a few weeks ago about one of Elon Musk’s – Tesla and SpaceX CEO – latest projects: the development of neural lace, an invention that would...
Globalisation – a subjective concept

Globalisation – a subjective concept

The campaign that flung President Donald Trump into the White House introduced the world to the concept of alternative facts.

End cruelty to rhinos!

Whenever I see a rhino these days, I wonder if these remarkable creatures will still be around when I reach old age.

Predicting the future of farming

Humanity has always survived by adapting, but it seems to me that the next decade or two will require it to change more and faster than ever before.
global farming challenges

Global challenges facing farmers

During the first week of January, the University of Oxford in the UK hosted the annual Oxford Farming Conference. Reading through some of the presentations given at the event, I...

Agriculture’s New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions may seem passé, but they can be a great way of at least attempting to implement what is known as the Urgent-Important Matrix in your life.

Preserving seeds for the future

The Global Seed Vault, the brainchild of scientist and conservationist Cary Fowler, was built nearly 150m into the side of a mountain in Svalbard, Norway, in 2008.
Drought conditions

Good riddance to 2016

Finally, we have come to the end of a year that has tested farmers in this country like no other year before, and I am reminded of the poet, Robert...

Is farming in SA worth the risk?

I recently asked Agbiz CEO, Dr John Purchase, whether or not, all things considered, he would, in good conscience, advise someone with no current investment in agriculture to go ahead...
farm-workers-increase minimum wage

Increased minimum wage not the answer

South Africans are nervously awaiting the announcement by ratings agencies on whether the country has retained its sovereign credit rating, or if it has been downgraded to junk status.

“Houston, we have a harvest!”

The film The Martian, based on the novel by Andy Weir, has captivated audiences across the world since its premiere in 2015.


SA expected to regain net maize export status

It is expected that South Africa will regain its status as a net exporter of maize with the second biggest maize crop on record since 1980, forecast for this season.

Dealing with eelworm

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