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Modern, ethical livestock production is here to stay

Modern, ethical livestock production is here to stay

The socio-economic dynamics of an ever-growing and increasingly globalised human population are placing increasing demands on the world’s livestock producers. German Agricultural Society president, Carl-Albrecht Bartmer, explored these issues at...
Livestock farmers and elephants clash in Namibia

Livestock farmers and elephants clash in Namibia

The destruction of farming infrastructure as the result of an influx of elephants to Namibia’s north-western commercial farming region is an ever-increasing problem, according to Namibian Livestock Producers’ Organisation (LPO)...
SA commercial farmers key to Africa’s food security

SA commercial farmers key to Africa’s food security

For South Africa to continue making a significant contribution to poverty alleviation in sub-Saharan Africa, the agricultural sector needs to thrive. According to Hamlet Hlomendlini, senior economist at Agri SA,...

9 lessons we can learn from the drought

According to Jannie de Villiers, CEO of Grain SA, South Africans have learned a number of valuable lessons from the drought, with the single most important lesson being that the country’s...

Animal health: what German vets can teach us

Globally, consumers of animal products are increasingly demanding that livestock farmers implement ethical and humane practices. This can be challenging for farmers, but is possible to achieve. Dr Siegfried Moder,...

Why SA’s goat farmers must get down to business

Stakeholders in South Africa’s goat value-chain are determined to grow their sector into a profitable and sustainable industry to benefit farmers and the economy. Johan Steyn, owner of Patriot Boer...
How important is the informal sector in urban food security?

How important is the informal sector in urban food security?

The informal sector is crucial in giving people access to food. Yet it is often underestimated and, as a result, disregarded, say researchers Caroline Skinner and Gareth Haysom.

The big problem with SA’s small farms

To bridge the wealth gap in South Africa, it makes more sense to consolidate small plots into economically viable units than trying to raise the production levels of subsistence farming....

Agriculture must act now to curb climate change

Agriculture must contribute more to combating climate change while bracing to overcome its impacts, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) report ‘The State of Food and...

Scientific management – key to successful game farming

Game breeding has become a highly specialised industry that requires the same level of scientific management as livestock production to ensure long-term genetic gain and avoid inbreeding. SA Stud Book...

Where is farming headed?

Natural gas exploration, changing voting patterns and new technologies are some of the issues that need to be closely monitored by the agricultural sector.

Namibia’s livestock sector: the obstacles & way forward

Outgoing president of Namibia’s Livestock Producers’ Organisation (LPO), Mecki Schneider, looks back on the highs and lows of 2016, and calls for ‘smarter’ farming and rangeland rehabilitation.


SA expected to regain net maize export status

It is expected that South Africa will regain its status as a net exporter of maize with the second biggest maize crop on record since 1980, forecast for this season.

Dealing with eelworm

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