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Toad in the Hole

When it comes to strange names for traditional English dishes, this one takes the, er, Yorkshire pudding. Never mind, it’s a great old favourite: delicious, satisfying and easy to prepare.
Thai- influenced beef salad in a jar

No, we’re not talking pickles or jams, but an entire meal – temptingly displayed and conveniently stored. The classic Consol glass jar is the natural development of the plastic lunch box. And you get a visual feast too before you tuck in.
Grilled prawns & prawn risotto

Here is a satisfying dish that brings together the creamy richness of arborio rice and the glorious flavour of prawns. The first involves a slow, gentle cooking process of simmering, stirring and frying. The second sees all hell break loose for three minutes.
Tabbouleh, your vegan standby

A good friend and former colleague has been converted to veganism. Vegans eat no animal- based foods, including milk and eggs. This is what I prepared when he and his fellow vegans came for lunch.
Ginger and honey cake

Baking is complex or simple, depending on how you’re feeling on the day. The food I cook is mostly very simple. Baking, on the other hand, is full of mysteries. If you’re up to the shock of it all, give this classic ginger and honey cake your best shot...
Fine dining with hot dogs

Hot dogs are usually street food. From the polystyrene-textured roll to the petrol-accented tomato sauce, even the cheapest street hot dog represents good business, with a profit margin seldom less than 300%. Here’s a better way to treat the concept.
Anchovy pasta with nam pla

Overcome by the unexpected dinner-time arrival of the hungry multitudes demanding something warm to fill their bellies? Here’s what you do to provide a splendid combination of fish flavours and pasta, without the need to bait a hook and visit the dam.
Oyster beef stir fry

Unusually, I’m going to spend most of my five-hundred words converting you to wok science. If you intend stir-frying regularly, get yourself a wok and a gas ring if you don’t have these. A frying pan, with its flat, shallow design, is an awkward substitute. Here is a simple and delicious oyster beef recipe to practise on.
Asian fusion soup-stew

The thing about South-East Asian food is that you find it everywhere in that region, regardless of the country. This recipe, a good basic winter’s meal, lies between a soup and a stew, and has delicious familiar accents such as nam pla (fish sauce), coriander and lime juice.
Kroonstad marinated game steak

About a million years ago when I was in Std 7, my parents sent me to my tweetalige oom in Kroonstad to improve my Afrikaans, this being impossible in Durban. The oom in question was a weekend hunter and this is what I remember of his uitstekende marinade for game steak.
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I received some assistance, but not enough. (44.78 %) Yes, it has been a saving grace. (1.34 %) I have not been affected by the drought. (2.54 %) No, I don’t know how or where to apply. (51.34 %) I received some assistance, but not enough. (44.78 %) Yes, it has been a saving grace. (1.34 %) I have not been affected by the drought. (2.54 %) No, I don’t know how or where to apply. (51.34 %)
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