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Oyster beef stir fry

Unusually, I’m going to spend most of my five-hundred words converting you to wok science. If you intend stir-frying regularly, get yourself a wok and a gas ring if you don’t have these. A frying pan, with its flat, shallow design, is an awkward substitute. Here is a simple and delicious oyster beef recipe to practise on.
Asian fusion soup-stew

The thing about South-East Asian food is that you find it everywhere in that region, regardless of the country. This recipe, a good basic winter’s meal, lies between a soup and a stew, and has delicious familiar accents such as nam pla (fish sauce), coriander and lime juice.
Kroonstad marinated game steak

About a million years ago when I was in Std 7, my parents sent me to my tweetalige oom in Kroonstad to improve my Afrikaans, this being impossible in Durban. The oom in question was a weekend hunter and this is what I remember of his uitstekende marinade for game steak.
Chicken thighs with bacon, tomato and mozzarella cheese

Take a break from regular roast fowl with this flavour-packed version of oven-cooked chicken thighs. Your grateful guests will shower you with compliments.
Mafia-style spaghetti and meatballs

So you’re somewhere in the Bronx and a big deal is going down with your fellow mafiosi. Never mind the details. The big issue is: what are you eating? The serious bets are on spaghetti and meatballs in a highly seasoned tomato sauce. It’s an offer you can’t refuse.
Cabbage and potato bake with thyme and two cheeses

This superb side-dish is a cinch to make. Baked in the oven, it leaves the rest of the kitchen free for whatever delights you are planning to add to the menu. Like an inch-thick sirloin steak per diner, for example. Alternatively, served on its own, it makes a tasty, satisfying light meal for four.
Vietnamese fillet of beef

This Durban boykie has chilli, jeera, elachi and high-octane dhania running in his veins. But recently, other elements such as lime juice and fish sauce have begun to enrich his bloodstream. Add these to a rare beef fillet, and Vietnam makes its victorious arrival in the kitchens of our grateful nation.
Egg breakfast with a twist

Tradition says eggs make a breakfast. But what about adding some roasted vegetables? And a freshly made roti in place of toast? The only thing better than tradition is progress, believe me.
Upside down apple pie

An important celebration deserves food that’s a feast for the eye as well as the more usual parts of the body. Apple Tarte Tatin certainly plays its part: it looks superb and tastes like a few slices of heaven.
Time for chicken-fried steak

In one of my other lives, I write a weekly television review. US swamp-related documentaries grab my attention from time to time, and it was from these that I learnt about chicken-fried steak, a delicious Southern-style beef dish. Let’s get cookin’, folks…
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