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Egg breakfast with a twist

Tradition says eggs make a breakfast. But what about adding some roasted vegetables? And a freshly made roti in place of toast? The only thing better than tradition is progress, believe me.
Upside down apple pie

An important celebration deserves food that’s a feast for the eye as well as the more usual parts of the body. Apple Tarte Tatin certainly plays its part: it looks superb and tastes like a few slices of heaven.
Time for chicken-fried steak

In one of my other lives, I write a weekly television review. US swamp-related documentaries grab my attention from time to time, and it was from these that I learnt about chicken-fried steak, a delicious Southern-style beef dish. Let’s get cookin’, folks…
Slow-cooked lamb shanks with sweet potatoes

This delicious dish is melt-in-the-mouth, and is a superb way to mark any occasion.
Spicy pork belly

I come from an ancient family tradition in which we never ate pork. But when I became a man, I cooked like a man, and pork found a minor but significant role in my diet. Pork belly gets its best attention in the cooking of Asia, specifically the south-east. Here’s a delicious meal that will satisfy a hearty appetite – and, if you choose, set your tongue on fire.
Parmesan dip biscuits

Most of us spend time and effort on making dips, rather than on the dip vehicle, call it what you will. This results in first-class dips smeared on sometimes stale, industrially made dip chips made of 90% salt and 10% very old oil. Here’s the best dip chip in the history of the world.
Banana cake with pecan nuts

A banana cake is just like banana bread, only better, and it’s one of the best ways to begin your personal adventure into baking. Not only do you get a brilliant cake in a pretty short time, but the opportunity to modify and enhance the basic recipe is just begging for your good ideas.
Bacon pasta with chopped tomatoes

Penne pasta is designed to convey the most flavour from plate to mouth. These palate-tempting ingredients allow the flavours to come through rich and strong.
Gazpacho soup served cold

This, fellow kitchen mechanics, is a gazpacho. It is not simply a soup; it is a new way to combine the freshest vegetables and herbs to produce a memorably delicious meal.
Steak and onion stir fry

Stir frying is the quickest way to make food that will please almost anyone. Here’s a starter recipe using only three main ingredients.
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