Real cooking for real men
Video: Harvesting soya beans in KZN’s Kamberg Valley

Farmer’s Weekly journalist, Lloyd Phillips, recently attended the 96th AGM of the Kamberg Valley Association in KwaZulu-Natal.
Crisp greens in a wok

For years, vegetables were simply annoying competitors for real estate on my plate. I needed the room – all of it – for meat. Then I learned how to cook the green things. No boiling to a flavourless pulp: just a moment at high heat in a wok.
Pork fillet in beer

This superb homage to the pig is a luxurious meal, easy to cook and quick too, assuming that you have some quality chicken stock in the freezer. If not, I’ve shown you how to make your own.
Beetroot cake

Baking, as I’ve mentioned before, is a dark zone of potential failure and damaged emotions. But sometimes, there is light at the end of the oven. Here is a totally unexpected cake, invented by sheep farmer and slow food specialist, Richard Haig of Enaleni Farm. As the ads used to promise, it’s truly flop-proof.
Pasta, pesto & roasted tomatoes

Nowhere does it say that you have to have spaghetti with bolognaise sauce. And to prove it, here’s a combination of great flavours, textures and aromas all designed to transform pasta into the meal of your dreams…
Revving up vanilla ice cream

While there are some folk, this backwoods cook amongst them, who regard plain vanilla ice cream as an eternal miracle of fine dining, other more sophisticated diners have requested a few enhancements. Here they are...
Hake & pan-wilted greens

Here’s a way to rev up frozen hake. Playing anything but second fiddle to the fish is a crunchy assortment of slightly unusual green vegetables.
Roast pork with white wine

Pork, red meat’s poor relation, makes a roast of multidimensional complexity if treated right. Thanks to crisp crackling with a moist interior, this roast adds its own special blessing to Sunday lunch.
Lamb curry with dates, cream cheese and sweet potato

This magnificent invention can also be called curry without rice. A splendid combination of traditional Cape and KZN cooking, it provides both cook and diners with a powerful set of calming emotions.
Steak pie

Never judge a book by its cover, or a pie by its pastry. You never know what delicacies lie hidden beneath the dish’s crispy exterior. If it’s succulent texture and rich aroma you’re after, read on.
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Yes, I find them quite informative (48.28 %) No, I usually can’t get internet connection (13.79 %) What is YouTube? (10.34 %) I prefer reading about farming  (27.59 %) Yes, I find them quite informative (48.28 %) What is YouTube? (10.34 %)
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