I have a dream…

IMAGINE ENTERING YOUR LOCAL SUPERMARKET AND IN front of you there’s a vast supply of organically grown fruit and vegetables. In the far corner there’s a little stand with “chemically grown” produce. In the dairy section there’s organic milk, cream, yoghurt and cheeses. Eggs are “free range” because battery chicken farming is outlawed – as has been the case in Germany since 2005. The soft drink isle has a huge range of organic fruit juices and naturally flavoured water. The entire breakfast cereal section is organic. You even have the choice of organic chocolates and nougat.

I have a dream…
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Imagine walking into your favourite make-up and cosmetic shop and finding that every product has stopped using chemical- and petroleum-based additives. You realise how much sense this makes as your skin is your largest organ and absorbs any unnatural compounds. Even your body care products and shampoos are now organic.
Imagine having a huge choice of organic and natural textiles. Your wardrobe is now full of clothes made from raw silk, organic cotton and fabrics made from environmentally sustainable resources such as soya, hemp and bamboo.
Imagine visiting your local doctor or pharmacy and you’re offered proven natural remedies before chemical options are considered. Even when chemical solutions may be required, natural vitamins and supplements are recommended to counter the side effects of the prescribed medicines.
Imagine shopping in your local liquor store and being offered organic wine, beer, whiskey and even vodka. Imagine being confronted with more than 100 organic wine labels. In the corner there are still a few cases of wine produced with chemicals. Those vineyards are still spraying poisonous pesticides; they have lost their entire local and export markets due to their lack of vision and foresight.
Imagine driving into your local petrol station and filling up with biodiesel because it costs 20% less than petrol. You’ll know that you’re making a vital difference to the environment because the emissions from your car are minimal.
Imagine government and private industry coming together and starting a huge organic project. This project will include growing organic foods, medicinal substances, cottons and even the raw materials for a fully-fledged biodiesel programme. This project could create 100 000 new jobs for people who are willing to work but don’t have technical skills. The project will have a team of mentors who will train community members to become productive organic farmers. The jobs created will double the total new jobs created in South Africa over the past 12 months.
Imagine the impact on our South African society – creating 100 000 new jobs (Brazil created a million jobs over five years doing the same thing) and helping people to live healthier, more productive lives.
Isn’t it time to turn this dream into a reality? – David Wolstenholme
David Wolstenholme is the Exhibition Director of the Natural & Organic Products Exhibition (20-22 October 2006 at Gallagher Estate, Midrand).
For more information contact (021) 671 0935 or visit www.naturalandorganic.co.za.     |fw