South Africa

Starving chickens – state let farmers down

Over 3 000 chickens had to be slaughtered at a broiler government project in Mpumalanga as the chickens resorted to cannibalism after being without food for five days.

Massive water tariff hikes predicted

Farmers should brace themselves for a hefty hike in water tariffs next year. The increase will help foot the bill of a massive budget shortfall for the upkeep and development of water resource infrastructure.

Buffalo cow fetches R20 million

A new record for the sale of a game species was set at the Piet du Toit Game Breeders Auction on 13 April, where Jaco Troskie bid R20 million for the buffalo cow, Tanzania, and its four-month-old heifer calf.

Flash trading ‘needs regulation’

Maize producers are concerned about the effect of a relatively new computerised commodity trading practice known as ‘flash trading’ and its effect on grain markets.

Vaccines straining to keep up with viruses

The African Horse Sickness Trust has dismissed a claim by DA spokesperson for agriculture, Annette Steyn, that vaccines produced by state-run Onderstepoort Biological Products, (OBP) for the deadly African horse sickness (AHS), are ineffective.

Honeybee food sources running out fast

Commercially farmed honeybee colonies play a crucial role the pollination of fruit crops in the Western Cape.

Green Paper on Land Reform found lacking

Professor of Political Sciences at UNISA, Dirk Kotzé, who was a speaker at the Bien Donné Agri Cape Week in Paarl, criticised the Green Paper on Land Reform for having too little substance.

Guava industry worried about wilting disease outbreak

Guava producers in the Western Cape are looking forward to a better year after difficult weather conditions during 2011 caused massive crop losses.

No money to implement suggestions in Land Reform Green Paper

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) does not have the money to implement the suggestions in the Green Paper on Land Reform.

Strikes at co-ops end after two weeks

A two weeks strike action at six agricultural companies and co-ops has ended with compromise being reached between strikers and their employers.

Farmer’s Weekly writer wins an award

Lindi van Rooyen, Johannesburg-based reporter for Farmer’s Weekly, has been named one of 10 Young Leaders in agricultural writing.

A waiting game for Pannar and Pioneer

The deliberations are over, and South African seed breeder Pannar Seed and its US counterpart Pioneer Hi-Bred wait to hear whether their attempt to convince the Competition Appeal Court (CAC) to allow a merger between the two companies has been successful.

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