Farming for Tomorrow

Getting over the winter slump on planted pasture

The selection of an appropriate base crop is vital for livestock farming on planted pasture. It forms a solid foundation for an ongoing fodder flow to ensure optimal production and...

A cutting edge agricultural information system for KwaZulu-Natal

The KZN Department of Agriculture, Environmental Affairs and Rural Development’s Bioresource Programme lays a firm foundation for improved farm decision making, reports Lloyd Phillips.

A green revolution launched at ZZ2

One of South Africa's largest farming operations, ZZ2, needed dramatic production changes to stay sustainable. They formulated natuurboerdery, which gave them all the benefits of organic farming without a major...

Measuring how much water a plant needs

Rather than measuring the water content in the soil, Watermark soil water-potential sensors help farmers determine how much water the crop needs, says SASRI researcher Ashiel Jumman. Glenneis Erasmus reports.

Nitrogen fertilisation: when to count on soil organic matter

Last week, soil scientist Neil Miles discussed the role animals play in the nitrogen fertilisation of pasture. This week, he tells farmers how to get the most out of soil...

The ups and downs of vertical hydroponics

Hydroponic production only really came into existence in the 1930s, making a name for itself during the Second World War when it was used in the Pacific Islands to grow...

Making the rain, and making it better

'Minute molecules go right to where they're needed, giving impressive results.'

Saving farmers’ little helpers

Dung beetles can restore the health of farming ecosystems, reports Cornelia du Plooy. But their survival is threatened by toxic anti-parasitics. A toxicity rating system for animal health products now...

Don’t blame springhares for chicory losses

Farmers who blame the southern springhare for destroying their chicory crops often hunt it as pest. However, a recent study indicates that the springhare is an innocent victim - the...

Natural plant growth stimulants and pesticides

At a recent course on sustainable farming, Graeme Sait, CEO of Australian company Nutri-Tech Solutions, promoted natural growth stimulants and pesticides such as triacontanol and aloe vera, and more effective...

Tools for crop farmers

At a recent course on biological farming, presented by Nutri-Tech Solutions, Wilma den Hartigh found out about valuable tools used to measure soil pH and brix levels, and plant sap...

Induce resistance for disease prevention

Inducing systemic activated resistance is one of the active defense systems that can protect crops against disease attack. Joel Williams said inducing systemic resistance can be effective in achieving quality...


Dezzi three-wheeler cane-loader

Local manufacturers seen at Royal Show

Every year, the Royal Show features exhibitors and agricultural equipment quite different from those at Nampo. The Royal Show is also a showcase for smaller and local manufacturers.

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