Agrico’s brand-new website offers an exciting online experience!

Agrico’s new website makes it easier for customers to get into connect with Agrico’s experts. A colourful journey through irrigation projects in Africa, an interactive experience with Agrico centre pivots and multimedia encounters with robust implements, are just a few of the features that customers can enjoy on Agrico’s brand-new website.

Agrico’s brand-new website offers an exciting online experience!
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The website, launched on 30 November 2021, is more than just an online profile. Packed with photos, videos, drawings and more, the website offers an exciting visual and interactive experience, as well as a look at the Agrico of the future.

With an updated logo and refreshed look, 116 years of service never looked better!

The purpose of the website is threefold. Created as a platform for communication between Agrico and the community it serves, the website further improves Agrico’s well-known quality service.

Through smart contact forms and seamless feedback channels, it facilitates an easy and efficient connection between the customer and Agrico expert.

The website also serves as an online brochure. Information that customers and growers may need about Agrico’s products, systems and services can now be found online.

Visitors can learn more about Agrico centre pivots, drip- and micro-irrigation systems, Web Control software, agricultural implements and service delivery. Visitors can also learn more about irrigation, with answers to frequently asked questions on every web page, interesting blog content and industry news.

Lastly, it was created as a celebration of agriculture and the achievements of growers altogether with the Agrico team. Professional photos, short action videos, numerous interactive elements and insightful engineering drawings offer a unique online experience. An important focus is Agrico’s irrigation projects across Africa.

With images, aerial maps and project specifications, visitors can now come along on the journey and learn more about Agrico’s projects and unique problem solving in Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Nigeria and more.

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