Combine makeover

A re-designed cab and a folding auger with a pivoting spout option are among the new features on Case IH’s latest Axial-Flow combines. Joe Spencer reports.

Combine makeover
The new Axial-Flow combine for 2013. Photo: Courtesy of Case IH

From the feeding system to the patented Case IH AFX rotor with its concentric cage design, Axial-Flow combines continue to create smooth crop flow, improving throughput and putting more high quality grain in the tank. “Case IH has been continuously improving the Axial-Flow with the fuel-efficient Case IH FPT Tier 4 SCR engines, always setting the trend as a leader in harvesting,” says August von Eckardstein, marketing manager for Axial-Flow combines in Europe.

“Overall, the simple and reliable design, with fewer moving parts, helps producers stay in the lands over a wider range of crop conditions, helping protect both yields and quality.” The new features on Case IH’s Axial-Flow combines for 2013 are claimed to make these high-output machines even more productive. For example, new auger options make on-the-go unloading safer on machines with wide headers. The high capacity folding 8,8m auger option is fully cab-controlled and folds out to 95° for clear visibility when unloading.

When folded, access to the rear service deck is unaffected and the auger is within the width of the combine side-panels for easier transport and storage. A new pivoting spout is also available for all high-capacity unloading auger lengths. The operator can position the spout precisely instead of repositioning the entire tractor and grain trailer.

The risk of the tractor and trailer spilling grain or coming into contact with the header is reduced and, when laying straw swathes for baling, the tractor need not run on the rows. The new spout moves the grain stream by 60cm to 90cm, while also providing a spill-proof grain saver feature. When the unloading auger is disengaged, the spout automatically pivots upwards to prevent any grain from dribbling out.

New cab features

The combine’s redesigned cabin provides the operator with “an office in the field,” says Case IH’s August von Eckardstein.
Operators can keep in touch with an iPad or iPod connector, and the co-driver’s seat opens to reveal a portable electric fridge for keeping food and drinks cool. The operator’s seat has been lowered and there’s more leg room, while the adjustable steering wheel provides maximum visibility without impairing the view of the cutter bar.

Air ride suspension is standard on all 30 Series combines, while a semi-active air suspension seat is optional. The Multifunction Propulsion Handle (above) puts all key controls within reach, and an upgraded right-hand console (below) with simple ergonomic controls and slide rail allows for adjustment of the AFS display.

Better spreaders
Case IH chopper package upgrades include in-cab adjustment of the chopper counter knife bank. It’s now possible to switch from ‘chop’ to ‘swathe’ in less than a minute. If the emergency stop button on top of the multi-function handle is pressed, the counter knife bank will fully retract, providing additional protection for the chopper and counter knife.

There’s less need to reset the counter knives manually, which means that chop quality and even spreading are maintained. An enhanced chaff spreader option, which includes in-cab adjustment of the spread distance and distribution pattern, is also available.