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Fairbanks Chelsea: Discover the boot inspired by your work

The only boot you’ll ever need for your daily duties is the Fairbanks Chelsea, a boot designed to work as hard as you do.

On the farm and in the outdoors, you have very specific and necessary requirements from your footwear. At the forefront of your needs are durability, comfort, and protection.

And that’s where Cat Footwear comes in, with its long history of providing nothing but the highest quality since 1988.

Unbeatable uppers

You cannot go wrong with a leather shoe, and the full-grain leather uppers of the Fairbanks Chelsea prove this.

The leather uppers stretch and mould to your feet, enabling a comfortable fit that is quite literally made for you. This naturally elastic material adapts to your gait and step, and is flexible to avoid breaking and cracking in the folds that form while walking.

Leather keeps your feet warm in the cold and cool in the heat, and this breathability also prevents bad odours. These are the very factors that make this leather shoe so comfortable, also aids its long-lasting level of durability. Plus, the natural, fresh, distinguishing smell of leather is unparalleled.

Sophisticated sock lining

The Fairbanks Chelsea boot boasts a soft, breathable nylon mesh lining. This sock lining reduces odour, too, thanks to the NXT antibacterial layer. This means that you have all-day comfort that combats the sweat from all-day use.

Outstanding sole

The outsole is the point of contact between your foot and the ground. So, without a technologically sound outsole, you can say goodbye to durability, comfort and protection.

The Fairbanks Chelsea boot’s shock-absorbing footbed delivers engineered comfort. The sole itself is made for extreme slip-resistance with SRX, and includes genuine rubber lugs for maximum traction on both wet and dry surfaces, and is also oil- and abrasion-resistant.

You spend the day adapting to what the natural environment decides. Take control of what you can: your comfort and protection. Because, in the end, you get out what you put in!

Visit to shop online and use the code: FARMER10 at checkout to receive your discount.

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