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Ultimate green all-terrain vehicle

Bruce McLeod first saw the Ecorider when a friend ordered one over the internet from the manufacturers in Nairn, Scotland. “It was love at first sight,” says Bruce. “After putting the bike through its paces on our farm in Cederberg, and being well-versed in off-road driving, I had no doubt whatsoever this machine is unique, a very different animal to the conventional quad bike.

A harvester is only as good as its operator

Recently the UK Farmer's Weekly reported on the UK National Combine Driver of the Year Award. The occasion proved that correct setting and efficient driving can hugely improve combine performance and productivity.

Final Nampo roundup

Exhibitors' fears about the demo cancellation and losing customer contact were laid to rest at this year's Nampo show. In fact, more staff were available to deal with specific enquiries - with the range of hi-tech machines available, a one-on-one with an expert beats a glimpse of a machine as it heads up the field.

From big to small, an implement for all

IT SEEMS THAT EVERY YEAR THE EXHIBITORS AT NAMPO CATER FOR A WIDER VARIETY OF FARMERS, growing a greater assortment of crops, some of which require very specialised equipment. There was also a greater selection of general-purpose tractors and implements at the show.

Machinery entries good, despite bad times


Orchard sprayers: efficient in all conditions

The comprehensive range of agricultural equipment distributed by Northmec's national branch network includes Jacto spraying equipment, developed for high performance spray applications in orchards

Fendt Vario tractors grow slowly but surely

The Fendt tractor brand is relatively unknown in South Africa. The only enthusiast that I know of is Manfred Wild, formerly of the Tala Valley in KwaZulu-Natal, who has farmed vegetable crops with Fendt Tool Carrier models. Fendt is one of the market leaders in Germany where it has more than 17% of the market.
Issue Date: 30 March 2007

New farming technology impresses top SA producer

Casper and Estie Badenhorst recently visited the EIMA Exposition in Bologna Italy. The visit was part of a sponsored study tour to Italy, which was the prize Casper won for achieving the Farmer of the Year award.
Issue date:23 March 2007

A mighty Challenger for the top-end tractor market

The new Challenger four-wheel-drive articulated tractors made their European debut at this year's Sima show in Paris in March. The four tractors in the MT900B series range from 320kW to 425kW (459kW with power reserve) and are currently leaders in the power competition at the top end of the agricultural tractor market.
Issue Date 16 March 2007

Improved versatility leads to better performance

Since its introduction in 2005, the success of the Falcon side discharge mulcher, and the keen interest and assistance of users has led to some major improvements in the versatility and performance of this unique implement.
Issue Date: 9 March 2007

Smarter tomato harvesting

The largest - and what some say, the smartest - three-row tomato harvester has made its debut on the agricultural scene. Joe Spencer describes this impressive implement with its nine pumps that run 38 hydraulic motors to operate various functions. Issue date: 23 February 2007

Born in 1831 but still going strong

Cyrus McCormick's invention of the first successful mechanical reaper in 1831 revolutionised harvesting productivity. Issue Date:16 February 2007


How a single social media post launched a farmfresh meat business

When establishing a new business, investors often struggle with what to focus on first: the market or the product. Pork farmer Hannes Richards had little difficulty with this decision. A...
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