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The Keenan MechFiber365

The Carbon Trust honours Keenan

Keenan has been recognised by the Carbon Trust for offering livestock farmers feed mixer machinery and software solutions that can help them reduce their on-farm carbon footprint, while enhancing production and profitability.

Kubota balers now in South Africa

Kubota’s BF 3255 RN and RNT fixed-chamber balers are built to perform under the toughest conditions. The unique chamber design guarantees good output of challenging crops, while the 17 ribbed rollers ensure a high bale rotation speed for the best bale shape and capacity.

Spend less time managing your equipment!

Keep track of your machinery inventory, identify each machine, track the engine hours and carbon footprint, produce a workday log and more with Husqvarna Fleet Services.

New John Deere tractor range: inspired by farmers, for farmers

The new John Deere 8 Series tractor range features robust, versatile machines designed to offer operators massive power and supreme comfort.

Want a good soya bean harvest? Start with an even seedbed

While building up a soya bean farming operation, you might not have the resources to invest in a combine harvester, especially one with a flexible cutter bar. Fortunately, Agrico’s HSD630 range of high-speed disc harrows can help you get the most out of your crop, says Stehan Cloete.

Autonomous tractor market on the move

The growing scarcity of farm labour due to factors such as urbanisation will see an increase in the demand for self-driving farm equipment. In response to this, John Deere recently unveiled its latest autonomous concept tractor, an all-electric model.

E-Kubota: Power and versatility at a price you can afford

Kubota has partnered with Escorts Ltd to produce the E-Kubota tractor range, which caters to all farmers, regardless of scale. These tractors are sure to find a ready market in South Africa.

Viticulture equipment from Italy

A farmers’ day in Paarl afforded wine farmers the chance to look at some of the best viticulture equipment from Italy.
Apache 27000+ no-till coarse grain planter

No-till expertise from Argentina

Several Argentinian implements were showcased at a farmers’ day that focused on no-till and conservation farming.
The Multi-band System for Imaging of a Crop Canopy

Mini-infrared camera system promises better irrigation

A new camera system that combines a regular digital camera with a miniature infrared camera could provide a cost-effective way to monitor crop temperatures and help irrigate crops.
1tRIPr strip-tillage system

Improve fertiliser placement with strip-tillage

According to Michael Petersen, lead agronomist at US-based Orthman Manufacturing, the main pillars of success for strip-tillage are vertical tillage, residue management, seedbed preparation and fertiliser placement. Stehan Cloete explains the technical aspects of these factors.

The perfect gift for your future farmer

The Husqvarna toy collection makes great gifts for young and old and are great collector’s items.

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