Mascor struts its stuff in Eston

Mascor held its John Deere demonstration on Masonite's Mount Desire farm, attracting almost 100 farmers, many from the Wartburg/Dalton area. Proceedings opened with an address by Prof Peter Lynne from the Sugar Research Institute.

Lightweight drill

Fragram's new, light, comfortable grip drills are excellent for the occasional odd job on the farm.


Drilling through various materials at once is more accurate and less time consuming with the new range of drill bits from Alpen. Chris Nel investigates.

Can camels solve the sweet thorn problem?

A new trial found that camels could help control and possibly eradicate sweet thorn encroachment, which may be a far better solution than Boer Goat browsing or fire control.

Practical research looks at better caracal control

Current research into caracal control, conducted on nature reserves or game reserves, isn't always the best measure of effectiveness on a farm. A new study, conducted under practical farming conditions, aims to find the best solutions for small-stock farmers.

Large-scale rain storage tank

At a time when every drop of water is gold, this rain storage tank can save a lot of it.

Fly-free biltong making

Forget hanging meat on wires in your garage - the latest rotating biltong-making machine keeps the flies at bay and will have you eating chilli bites in two days.

Portable fire stryker

The ultra-portable, environmentally friendly Fire Stryker is small, unnoticable and has an unlimited shelf life, reports Chris Nel.

Wireless-monitoring tyre pressure system

With this advanced wireless-monitoring system you don't have to get out of your car to check the pressure of your tyres. Chris Nel had a closer look at this handy device.

Satellite can help improve veld production estimates

Satellite images could soon be used in South Africa to quantify veld production, estimate livestock carrying capacity and help farmers plan fodder flow, reports Roelof Bezuidenhout.

Go green with LED

Go green with LEDs in or outside your house. You can choose the length of the strip to suit your needs. Chris Nel sheds some light on the subject.

Revolutionary nanotech water filter on the way

A new point-of-use water filter system will be released later this year, which can make the most polluted water drinkable.

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