One drill bit does it all

The Bullet Pilot Point is a super-efficient drill bit that also eliminates the need to change bits for different surfaces.

Keep your investments ‘fresher’ for longer

The packaging film the military uses to protect aircraft is now distributed by Rhino Plastics nationwide. Lloyd Philips found out how to keep an investment in top condition.

Improvement in broilers

Physiological improvements in broilers haven’t changed negative consumer perception of the poultry industry. Dr Marc de Beer says the industry has to set the record straight.

Effective management key to parasite control

Parasites’ growing resistance to anthelmintic remedies is a serious problem for smallstock farming. Field expert Dr Dave Midgley explains that the problem should be tackled through an integrated management system rather than by blanket dosing.

Hassle free liquid fertiliser pumping

The new liquid fertiliser pump from Goscor Power Products is efficient, corrosion-resisitant and easy to handle, writes Chris Nel.

Krone: EasyCollect 753, easy to transport

German company Krone began making forage harvesters in 1977, selling 5 000 “Corn Chopper” tractor mounted units. In the 1980s Krone introduced its first self-propelled harvesters. The latest range of Big X models includes monsters powered by twin engines with up to 750kW of power. Krone harvesters imported into South Africa by Rovic and Leers come with the new EasyCollect 753 maize header.

Red meat biodiversity plan

SANBI is starting pilot projects to develop biodiversity in the red meat industry, writes Roelof Bezuidenhout.

Getting over the winter slump on planted pasture

The selection of an appropriate base crop is vital for livestock farming on planted pasture. It forms a solid foundation for an ongoing fodder flow to ensure optimal production and profitability. The base crop will also determine additional pasture species that can be planted for the periods when its growth slows down. Jan Coetzer of Pannar explains the importance of appropriate base crops and how to use planted pasture in dairy, beef and sheep farming.

A cutting edge agricultural information system for KwaZulu-Natal

The KZN Department of Agriculture, Environmental Affairs and Rural Development’s Bioresource Programme lays a firm foundation for improved farm decision making, reports Lloyd Phillips.

A green revolution launched at ZZ2

One of South Africa's largest farming operations, ZZ2, needed dramatic production changes to stay sustainable. They formulated natuurboerdery, which gave them all the benefits of organic farming without a major fall in production. Glenneis Erasmus reports on how this approach is starting to pay off.

Measuring how much water a plant needs

Rather than measuring the water content in the soil, Watermark soil water-potential sensors help farmers determine how much water the crop needs, says SASRI researcher Ashiel Jumman. Glenneis Erasmus reports.

Portable lights from CADCOM

Cadcom's lighting system technology has come a long way since the system described in the Farmer's Weekly issue of 4 August 2006. The company has developed the new Sola-Lite range of three DIY, modular, low-cost sun-charged lighting systems using light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

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