Tools for crop farmers

At a recent course on biological farming, presented by Nutri-Tech Solutions, Wilma den Hartigh found out about valuable tools used to measure soil pH and brix levels, and plant sap extractors for monitoring plant health, as well as why more farmers are using foliar feeds.

Dazer: No more shock collars

THE Dazer has been used successfully around the world for more than 15 years and is finally about to hit SA shores.

Induce resistance for disease prevention

Inducing systemic activated resistance is one of the active defense systems that can protect crops against disease attack. Joel Williams said inducing systemic resistance can be effective in achieving quality without sacrificing yield.

Deficiencies – proof in the leaf

Farmers can pick up plant nutrition deficiencies before they become visible in the field by means of a leaf analysis, says Joel Williams.

‘Big four’ approach for maximum yield

The “big four” approach Joel Williams said Zimmer's discovery, known as the “big four” approach, focuses on building maximum sugar production and microbe support.

New drought insurance for livestock farmers

Standard Bank and Agri-Risk Specialists (AR S) have developed the R aindex Field insurance policy, a unique solution that promises livestock farmers protection against their greatest risk - drought.

Final Nampo roundup

Exhibitors' fears about the demo cancellation and losing customer contact were laid to rest at this year's Nampo show. In fact, more staff were available to deal with specific enquiries - with the range of hi-tech machines available, a one-on-one with an expert beats a glimpse of a machine as it heads up the field.

Aquazure: ozone-sanitised water

Cape Town-based Wassertec Ozone Systems manufactures a range of ozone-generating equipment for air and water disinfection and sanitation. Although its target market is primarily the industrial food and beverage sector, it also supplies a wide range of systems to the wine and bottled water industries. Chris Nel gets the low-down from Rudy Regenass of Wassertec about a new development.

From big to small, an implement for all

IT SEEMS THAT EVERY YEAR THE EXHIBITORS AT NAMPO CATER FOR A WIDER VARIETY OF FARMERS, growing a greater assortment of crops, some of which require very specialised equipment. There was also a greater selection of general-purpose tractors and implements at the show.

Avitourism: birds are a free attraction

Alongside natural vegetation, insects and small mammals, birds are the most underrated and underdeveloped resource in agricultural tourism on farms and game ranches. With skill and imagination and very little input, this resource can contribute significantly to the income of an enterprise.

Machinery entries good, despite bad times


Apples face a climatic countdown

Global warming might have a devastating impact on apple production in the Western Cape, Wiehahn Steyn from the Horticulture Department of the University of Stellenbosch said at the Cape Pomological Association's climate information seminar held recently in Stellenbosch. Issue date 15 June 2007

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