A long-term parasite solution

Dectomax eliminates the need for a lot of parasite controlling medicine, as it kills a spectrum of parasites in one injection. Chris Nel reports

DECTOMAX from Pfizer is an efficient, long-acting broad-spectrum parasiticide for livestock. Dectomax Injectable is a ready-to-use sterile solution with macrocyclic lactones (1% w/v doramectin, 10 mg/ml„“) to treat for and control internal and external cattle parasites.Dectomax Injectable solution was the first cattle endectocide or anthelmintic labeled for extended activity.

Controlling infection over an extended period delays accumulation of adult worms, reducing the number of parasite eggs shed onto pasture.No other single injectable product controls a broader spectrum of internal and external parasites – including 36 stages of adult parasites, L4 larvae and inhibited larvae. Dectomax is tissue-friendly and can be injected by subcutaneous (SC) or intramuscular (IM) injection in the neck region. The recommended dosage is 1ml„“ (10mg doramectin) per 50kg body weight via SC injection to minimise the risk of injection-site blemishes and is in accordance with Beef Quality Assurance guidelines.

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Dectomax is safe for use in beef cattle, including pregnant cows, newborn calves and bulls. A withdrawal period hasn’t been established for pre-ruminating calves. It’s not to be used on calves to be processed for veal, and don’t slaughter for consumption within 35 days of treatment. If in doubt, consult a vet. Dectomax Injectable comes in 100ml„“, 200ml„“ and 500ml,“ multi-dose, recyclable, rubber-capped amber glass bottles, contained in a polycarbonate shield.Available at co-ops nationwide, or contact Pfizer’s call centre on 0860 734 937.