A nifty, go-anywhere kettle

Sensibly designed and well-made, this kettle can be used in the bush or a suburban kitchen.

Costing a mere R150 from Outdoor Warehouse, the Natural Instincts whistling kettle is a simple yet outstanding product, designed with care and built to last. Made of stainless steel, its modified semi-elliptical shape combines the maximum volume and base surface with the minimum upper surface area and heat loss.

The Natural Instincts whistling kettle on a 35-year-old Coleman Peak. A Mountain Safety Research stove and cooking pot.

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The handle, generously insulated with a matt black synthetic material, folds flat sideways to the right for less space when packing. The lid fits snugly into its opening with a clip on either side and a spherical knob. The whistle, creating a piercing sound audible from some distance, clips upwards against spring pressure for pouring. Light and robust, it is ideal for camping. Its only drawback is that it would be difficult to fit into a backpack.

It is equally suitable for any heat source, such as a multi-fuel backpacker stove or fire. It can also be used on an induction stove, so would be equally useful in the most modern home.