An economical and safe wok stove

Using the principle of magnetic induction, the stove may be the most
energy-efficient and safest cooking system available.

An economical and safe wok stove
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This column described the principles and benefits of an induction cooker some years ago. A further development of this technology, the Snappy Chef Industrial Wok-Top induction cooker, is now available in South Africa. Induction cooking is energy saving technology, using 50% less power and cooking 64% faster. The NRCS-approved cooker offers all the benefits of gas cooking with no drawbacks.

A study comparing heat utilisation during cooking revealed the efficiency of an induction cooker to be 94%, an electric stove 65% and a gas one 45%. The key component of any induction stove is the copper coil fitted under the cooking surface. An alternating current applied to the copper coil produces a corresponding magnetic field that heats a magnetic cooking pot by inducing a current in it.

Only magnetically conductive cookware such as cast iron and certain types of stainless steel will work with the cooker. A simple test is to place a magnet on the cookware. If it sticks, it will work. Glass, aluminium, ceramic and non-conductive stainless steel cookware won’t work, but won’t be damaged either. Certified induction compatible cookware is marked with a special symbol on the base. The cooker measures 34 x 44 x 12cm and has a temperature range of 60°C to 240°C and a consumption of 500W to 3 500W. Its ability to boil a cup of water in 20 seconds is a powerful benefit.

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Cheaper: Up to 94c of every R1 spent on energy is transferred into the cooking vessel. When you remove it, the unit goes into standby mode.

  • Faster: Energy transferred directly into the vessel makes induction heating fast and controllable.
  • Safer: There is no open flame, red-hot coil or other radiant heat source to ignite fumes or splattered oil. The stove top stays cool.
  • Cooler surfaces: Induction cooking produces almost no wasted heat since all the heat is generated within the material of the pot or pan itself.
  • Cleaner: Just use a damp cloth and wipe the surface.
  • Even and consistent heating: The magnetic material heats uniformly, eliminating hot spots. The electronic pan detector feature allows maximum heating of any induction compatible pan.

The price of R2 999 includes a wok pan. It is available from selected outlets and directly from Snappy Chef.