An owl’s vision in THE NIGHT

With rhino poaching sweeping the country, there’s a need for reliable high-quality night vision equipment for moonlight, starlight or no light. Luna Optics makes just such a unit, besides others, writes Chris Nel.

The new LN-PB7 are the most powerful binoculars with built-in IR illuminator made by the renowned American night vision company Luna Optics, Inc. These sturdy, all-aluminium binoculars have high-quality multi-element optics with multi-coated glass for the best vision in any light, also preventing loss of brightness due to high magnification. The IR illuminator allows for use in the dark, while a built-in light sensor protects the sensitive components from excessive light. The LN-PB7 can also be used in conjunction with the optional Extended Range IR Illuminator.The binoculars come with a 120mm objective lens for maximum light-gathering ability, and a top-grade, high-resolution Generation-1 image intensifier. They can magnify seven times, have a field of view of 8°, with a focusing distance of 5m to infinity and a maximum practical viewing distance of 450m. The two LR1 type (N-size) batteries give an operating time of 30 hours.

The binoculars are 270mm x 127mm x 65mm and weight 1,09kg. They will cost around R20 000 excl VAT and come with a one-year warranty.Luna Optics also produces a range of other night viewing equipment – goggles, monoculars, photographic and video systems, rifle scopes, day and night products, and accessorie.Call Nicky or Andy Bernhard on 011 802 1783 or e-mail [email protected].     |fw

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