Aquazure: ozone-sanitised water

Cape Town-based Wassertec Ozone Systems manufactures a range of ozone-generating equipment for air and water disinfection and sanitation. Although its target market is primarily the industrial food and beverage sector, it also supplies a wide range of systems to the wine and bottled water industries. Chris Nel gets the low-down from Rudy Regenass of Wassertec about a new development.

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Ozone (O3) is a powerful gaseous oxidant generated from oxygen which is particularly effective as a disinfectant, oxidant and sterilising agent. Because ozone breaks down quite rapidly back into oxygen, leaving no harmful by- products, it is an extremely environmentally friendly method of water treatment. Ozone has a number of other applications, and because it is an extremely powerful oxidant, it effectively destroys organic molecules. Since most odoriferous compounds are organic, ozone is extensively used to remove foul odours such as cigarette smoke as well as odours at sewage farms and transfer stations.

Many farming industries benefit In the bottled water industry, both the bottles and the potable water are disinfected with ozone. In the past few years, the company’s primary market has been the wine industry, in which some 80% of all bottles are disinfected with ozone before being filled. Wassertec Ozone Systems have replaced about 90% of all imported generators in South Africa in the wine industry.

Keeping water supplies fresh The company has recently expanded its market in response to demand in Australia. Many Australian households store water – either rainwater, borehole water or municipal water – in large tanks. The problem with such storage, even though the water may initially be of good quality, is the potential for microbiological contamination, resulting in colour and taste taints.

The Aquazure ozone system that W assertec developed for this market keeps storage-tank water sterile and fresh 24 hours a day, all year round. It is now extensively marketed and successfully used in Australia, and would be very useful for farmers in South Africa who store water for drinking purposes. The company can also supply tailormade systems for larger applications, and has supplied and installed systems to treat irrigation water in specialised applications such as organic growing and hydroponics.

Hassle free installation
Installation of the Aquazure system is simple, taking one or two hours. The unit is mounted close to the water tank on a convenient wall, using the supplied plugs and screws. Although suitable for outside use, it should preferably be mounted out of direct weather. A water line from a T- piece after the supply pump or from an outside tap is connected to the water inlet of the A quazure, using a 3/4” male connector (not supplied). A water line is connected to the outlet of the Aquazure by another 3/4” male connector ( not supplied) and returns to the water tank. The power cable is connected to a nearby 220V power outlet. The timer is set according to the instructions supplied, the setting depending on the size of the tank. Contact Auriel Mitchley on (011) 889 0796 or e-mail[email protected].
Equipment specifications
System housing: 304 stainless steel, 480mm long x 270mm wide x 150mm deep, weighing 6kg. Water flow: A corona discharge 1 000mg/h output allowing ozone dosing into water flow of 35 litres/min (2 100 litres/h). Timer: 24-hour, 7 day programmable timer with built-in reserve in case of power cuts. Power Consumption: 1A (220V) when running.

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