BOSCH IXO IV:the first lithium-ion cordless screwdriver

The new Bosch screwdriver has new features unlike any other of its kind, making any job quick, easy and less stressful. Chris Nel reports.

The Bosch Ixo cordless screwdriver has sold more than 8 million units since 2003. The recently released fourth-generation Ixo IV, an improved new design powered by a 3,6V lithium-ion battery for the first time, has already set its sights on the next record. This small, handy tool retains all the time-tested features of its predecessors and includes a charging station and 10 standard screwdriver bits.
New features include a special offset driving system for driving screws close to an edge. A suspension hook is integrated in the ergonomic handle, so that the 300g lightweight tool can be attached to a band or cord, always ready to hand.

The work light on the top of the Ixo is a boon in dark areas. The forward/reverse and charge level indicators make it easy to operate, while the ergonomically shaped handle offers a large, soft grip surface.Lithium-ion technology eliminates battery self-discharge, so the Ixo is always ready for use.

Unlike nickel-cadmium batteries, a lithium-ion battery has no memory effect and can be recharged at any time. Just in time for Christmas, the special edition Bosch Ixo Vino has a handy corkscrew attachment, a blessing for tired hands and wrists and forearm muscles. It comes in a wooden presentation box. As with all Bosch power tools, the Ixo is available countrywide at selected retail outlets.

The Ixo Basic is a 3,6V lithium-ion screwdriver with internal battery, a charging station and 10 screwdriver heads packed in a metal tin. It retails for R561. The Ixo + Heads is identical to the Basic, but with an added angle head and an offset head. It retails for R749. The Ixo Vino is identical to the Basic, but with an added corkscrew attachment in a wooden box. It retails for R629.

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