Can you cap a can? Yes you can!

Transform your can into a spill-proof bottle in minutes with the Can Cap. Chris Nel reports.

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Keep goggas, dust, debris, rain and bees out of your favourite canned frostie (or anything else that comes in a standard can) while keeping its contents from spilling or going flat.The secret? The Can Cap, a neat and nifty little clip-on attachment that instantly transforms an opened beverage can into a secure internal pressure-resisting screw-top bottle. This innovative product is ideal for picnics, parties, work, camping, travelling, at your desk, on the farm, along the fishing waters or the seashore.

It’s made from super-tough lightweight polycarbonate (the same material lightweight beverage containers are made from). It is food-safe, non-tainting, non-toxic and resists all chemicals used in the food and beverage industry.A word of warning. Open the can before you fit the Can Cap – otherwise you will have to try doing so through the Can Cap’s mouth with an improvised tool or piece of wire. When the can is empty, removal is child’s play and it is fully reusable. The Can Cap is available at selected retail outlets, at a price aimed at promoting free enterprise and healthy competition.

For your nearest supplier, contact Avril on 082 788 1679, or at [email protected]    

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