Containerised intensive fodder production

This imaginative system uses very little water for what it produces.

Containerised intensive fodder production
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This hydroponic production system, which operates in an insulated PVC and aluminium alloy case, allows even a suburban garden to produce fodder and human food with minimal water.


  • Year-round production, with daily harvests.
  • High yield and turnover: 6kg to 7kg of sprouted fodder from 1kg barley seed in seven days.
  • Highly nutritious with exceptional protein, vitamin and fatty acid content.
  • Low maintenance cost, small ecological footprint.
  • Sprouting barley seed increases its digestibility from 30% to above 80% and doubles its protein level.
  • Sprouted barley does not cause acidosis.
  • External inputs limited to seed, electricity and water.
  • Needs only 1% of the water needed to produce traditional fodder.
  • Daily production 450kg to 500kg fodder (fresh mass).
  • Fodder is highly digestible and nutritional, succulent, slightly alkaline and suitable for ruminants and non-ruminants.
  • Requires low manpower.
  • The system is easily understood; training ispart of the turnkey solution.
  • The first cycle of the system includes refresher training and QA checks.

The price is R249 000, including VAT, but excluding transport, for a complete system. 

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