Dazer: No more shock collars

THE Dazer has been used successfully around the world for more than 15 years and is finally about to hit SA shores.

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This lightweight ultrasonic dog deterrent is a must for all pet owners, runners, cyclists, outdoor enthusiasts, and so on. Made specifically to deter dogs and cats, the Dazer produces a discomforting but harmless, high-frequency sound that can only be heard by animals.

A friendly alternative

The Dazer is an effective training tool that will help stop dogs’ incessant barking. Pet owners, groomers, kennel operators,
vets and animal control officers agree that the Dazer is a safe, silent, effective and humane way to train and discipline pets. It is a humane alternative to shock collars, choker chains, electric mats, rolled up newspapers or physical force to alter behaviour. This nifty little gadget has also proven its effectiveness in keeping aggressive stray dogs at bay.


It is a hand-held device but is fitted with a stainless steel belt clip, and weighs a mere 122g. The Dazer is powered by a 9V alkaline battery. The function is actuated by a button, with a red light-emitting diode which lights up to let the operator know it is working. It costs approximately R300.

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This tool was discovered earlier this year when Dazer director Heather Hiscox was overseas visiting pet-owning relatives in Portugal. These relatives were proud owners of a Dazer, which sparked Heather’s interest and led her to investigate this tool for the purpose of launching it in SA. Thanks to Heather’s initiative, pet lovers will soon be able to purchase this ultrasonic dog deterrent in SA directly from Dazer or from their local vet. Farmer’s Weekly looks forward to testing this device and reporting back, so watch this space! – Chris Nel

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