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EcoBond – a ‘glue’ to attach micronutrients

This ‘organic adhesive‘ attaches micronutrients to fertilisers, improving uptake by crops and reducing environmentally destructive leaching.

Vipa Holdings has recently introduced EcoBond to the agricultural market. A highly stable ‘organic glue’, EcoBond attaches beneficiated micronutrients to the outside of blended granular fertilisers as well as some conventional fertilisers. EcoBond is an innovative agronomic solution to the problem of adding micronutrients to nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (NPK) fertiliser. The stability of the product, as well as its coverage properties, improve the adhesion of the micronutrients to the fertiliser granules. This increases uptake by the plant and reduces leaching into the soil.

“EcoBond is a boon to the environment,” explains Vipa Holdings CEO David Smillie. “Its organic properties rule out the negative effects of synthetic fertiliser spiked with concentrated nitrogen and phosphorus. This isn’t fully absorbed by plants but leaches out and runs off in stormwater, contributing to algae blooms that deprive waterways of oxygen, kill aquatic life and poison the water for domestic use.”

Because EcoBond is lignin-based, it is stable and organic and benefits the plant in its own right, with its properties assisting the biological process. The lignin used in EcoBond promotes the decomposition process by increasing the microbial action that is so critical for quality crop production. Modern farming focuses on combining healthy crops and increased yields through using better quality fertiliser products. EcoBond gives the agricultural industry the opportunity to apply a coating with its own added value.

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