Fine organic products for garden and home

Quality is assured, thanks to a process that destroys pathogens and weed seeds.

Just Nature Organics, on the ARC Onderstepoort campus just north of Pretoria, has been supplying organic fertiliser to nurseries, retailers and direct to the public since 2002. The company produces a quality product from raw materials such as plant waste, wood shavings, cattle manure and horse manure.

Harmful pathogens and weed seeds are destroyed in an aerobic process at up to 80°C. After analysis that complies with strict quality control measures, the processed product is screened. Several combinations of top-quality fertiliser are then made up and sold in bulk as well as in bags. The bagged products are available from selected retail outlets. They are also sold to the public in bulk directly from the manufacturing plant.

Potting soil is one of the wide range of Just Nature Organic products.

Prices vary widely according to product, quantity and store, but as an example, a 30dm³ pocket of potting soil (pictured above) currently costs R33,90 incl VAT at Chamberlain Silver Lakes Megastore, Pretoria. The following are available in bulk and 30dm³ bags:

  • Compost, potting soil, enriched garden soil, enriched lawn dressing, Moo Poo and cycad mix.
  • Only available in 30dm³ bags are:
  • Acid media, rose mix, bark chips, mulch and seedling mix. 

Phone Just Nature Organics on 012 546 0206 or visit