For cleaner, better diesel performance

Cleaner burning, more power, reduced fuel consumption.

Fuchs Lubricants has developed a new fuel additive that improves the properties of diesel fuel in single and constant dosage applications. (Single dosing: adding it once to the tank. Continual dosing: adding it to the diesel stream during engine operation via an adaptor.) Diesel Effect, part of a new range of Maintain workshop and service-coolant additives, brake fluids and fuel additives, can be used on all grades of diesel.

Diesel Effect contains metallic compounds that keep the fuel system clean. It also stabilises the fuel, prevents deposits and corrosion from contaminating the tank, and maintains engine power while reducing consumption and exhaust emission. In addition, it helps to keep the engine nozzle clean and maintain its performance.

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Maintain Diesel Effect from Fuchs Lubricants is a new fuel additive for cleaner burning, greater power,
and lower fuel consumption in diesel engines.

“A clean nozzle ensures the correct fuel dosage,” says John Anderson, automotive OEM manager at Fuchs Lubricants SA. “A contaminated nozzle constrains the correct fuel dosage, reducing the volume stream, spray expansion and engine power, and leading to an increase in exhaust pollution.”

Maintain Diesel Effect can be used in continual dosages at a rate of 1:400 in diesel fuel or added when filling the tank at the ratio of 1:200. A 1l container costs R200, excl VAT.

Phone John Anderson on 011 565 9600 or visit

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