Fragram’s affordable auto-dark welding helmet

Welding has become less harmful to your eyes with an auto-darkening helmet with a South African touch. Chris Nel reports.

Welding helmets that darken automatically are the norm in the large-scale welding industry. But most are designed and made for intensive long-term use, are far too expensive for the occasional DIY user. Fragram Quality Tools now offers an affordable, high-quality version specifically designed for occasional and DIY artisans – and styled with the patriotic South African in mind.

Fragram’s Adjustable, Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet features the design of the South African flag and comes with a pre-use test button and two lithium batteries. Suitable for welding and grinding, it has a view area of 90mm x 40mm and stepless adjustment. Switching time is light-dark 0,25ms to 0,5ms and from dark-light it’s 0,1s to 1s. It also offers UV/Infrared protection – light states: DIN4 and dark states: DIN9-13. Its power supply contains solar cell batteries, and it retails for about R565 from leading retailers countrywide.

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