Husqvarna Diamond Drill Technology

With a combination of pulsation and limiter technology, this drill will indicate when it is overloaded and reach full speed in two seconds. Lloyd Phillips reports.

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Part of Husqvarna’s new and extensive Construction Products range is the 1 850W DM 230 Drill Motor that drives the company’s range of revolutionary D 1200 Diagrip diamond drill bits. The single phase DM 230 can drive drill bits from 8mm to 150mm.

The combination weighs around 7kg and can also be powered by a 3,5kW generator during load-shedding. The DM 230 is equipped with Husqvarna’s Elgard pulsation technology to indicate when overloaded. To drill pilot holes the DM 230 SmartStart system allows the user to cut rotational speed to half. The DM 230 also has Husqvarna’s SoftStart current limiter technology that allows full drill speed to be reached within two seconds. The drill motor has a three-speed, water-cooled gearbox for optimal drilling performance and reduced wear.

Husqvarna’s D 1200 Diagrip drill bits are so hard they can drill holes into most materials, including hard concrete, cement blocks, asphalt, and even natural sandstone and granite. Brian Brink, product manager for Husqvarna Construction Products says there are many on-farm uses for this system, especially to plant fence posts in solid rock. The price is around R12 300, plus one drill bit, excluding VAT.     |

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