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Maximising natural interior lighting

This transparent dome and tube gather ambient outdoor light and transmit it to the interior of a home.

The Solatube, a unique product developed and manufactured in Australia, provides interior lighting using sunlight by day and even helps to light up interiors on moonlit nights. The Solatube consists of a dome of clear acrylic material mounted on the outside of a roof, a transmission tube (straight, or bent as required), and an aluminium-coated
inner surface tube for maximum internal reflection and light transmission. A specially designed universal adaptor angles the tube into the sun.

Solatube maximises natural light, as long as there is sun.

In South Africa, the sun passes in an arc with its highest point in a northerly direction. Should a roof face south, east or west, chances are the room does not receive much light. The Solatube’s tubular system increases the surface area that catches sunlight to maximise the efficiency of the skylight. The joints between the dome, tube and roof are completely waterproof and weatherproof. No structural alteration to the roof is needed and the unit can be fitted in less than an hour. It carries a 10-year guarantee.

Product specs

  • Leak proof and maintenance-free transmission of natural light.
  • Trouble- and maintenance free.
  • No fuel, electricity or running cost.
  • Quick and easy installation reduces installation time, labour and cost.
  • No structural changes to the roof.
  • The aluminium coating of the tube’s inner surface intensifies the transmitted light, even in a long and bent tube.
  • It can be installed in awkward places.
  • Available in kit form for DIY with step-by-step instruction manual.

Available in three sizes diameters for three different-sized areas to be illuminated:
– 250mm, for lighting up to 12m² for bathrooms, toilets and small bedrooms;
– 320mm, for lighting up to 20m² for kitchens, dining rooms, passages and bedrooms;
– 450mm, for lighting up to 30m² for lounges, open plan areas or offices.

It is marketed in South Africa by Solar Solutions in the Southern Cape, among others.

Prices start at about R3 800 incl. VAT.

For more information phone 044 532 7583. Email: Visit

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