New high quality compression fittings

Get the right compression fittings for your farm’s irrigation system.

 Leading fluid conveyance expert Incledon has launched the new range of Plasson Line 14 compression fittings for use in high density polyethylene (HDPE) piping systems with a pressure rating of 10-bar.
“Plasson Line 14 compression fittings are available in sizes ranging from 16mm to 63mm,” explains Incledon national product manager for plastics, Phillip Bawden. The fittings are watertight, frost-proof, impact-resistant and can be used in direct sunlight.
‘‘They are a cost-effective solution for low to medium pressure applications such as irrigation and low pressure domestic house connections,” he said.
Incledon is targeting the irrigation sector as its primary agricultural target market for the new range. Most irrigation systems on South African farms use low pressure pipeline systems. In the past, a farmer would either have bought more expensive compression fittings with a considerably higher pressure rating, or low-pressure compression fittings of an inferior quality.
The Plasson Line 14 compression fittings
meet SABS and Joint Acceptance Scheme for Water Services Installation Components (JASWIC) specifications. It fills a gap in the local market by serving as a more affordable low-pressure solution, while maintaining the highest quality standards. The fittings are user-friendly, require no specialised tools for installation and can be tightened by hand, thereby minimising installation time.
Fittings vary from about R10 to R70 with exceptions over about R165, depending on the specific product. – Chris Nel ?FW