Non-profit technology for safe water

Safe drinking water could now become a reality in African countries.

South Africa is a water scarce country with safe drinking water in short supply and many people are forced to use water riddled with pathogenic agents. This is unnecessary, as technology to transform polluted water to drinking quality in less than 10 minutes is available. Newly formed non-profit organisation, Water Footprint Community Development, recently released its Sawazi Water Purification Plant technology. It can process 1 000l of potable water for under R4 and only requires basic supervision.

The Sawazi water purification system eliminates complicated controls, procedures and variables. It requires no knowledge of chemical dosing, pH, flocculation, or adjustment to operate. It is based on mixing a flocculant powder with water, allowing it to stand and the sediment to settle at the bottom of the container, then straining the water.

According to its developer, Dr Leon Buchan, it removes 99,9% of micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and protozoa.
Water Footprint Community project plans to install units in areas with bad water quality. 

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