Useful Products

Useful Products

The small axe with serious ability

Chopping wood and cutting tree branches made easy.

Precision sawing can be quick and easy

The mitre saw is a reliable, tried-and-tested design.

A truly portable digging tool

After using this mini shovel for a short time, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before.

Durable and practical pallets – at a price

But when used for what they were designed for, none are better.

Tipton Best Gun Vice

Easily adjustable yet fully secure, this gun vice offers the ideal platform to work on a firearm.

A singing field guide for birders

This unique book has built-in bird calls – simply point, listen and identify!

Carburettor cleaner in a can

This convenient aerosol product removes dirt quickly and easily.

An old-school precision measuring instrument

A mechanical caliper for guaranteed accuracy.

Insurance lock: quality generic design

Good design and excellent engineering under several brand names.

Dead-blow hammers

Most hammers can easily damage the surface they are striking. A dead-blow hammer helps prevent this.

Keeping your fuel clean and clear

The quality and cleanliness of the fuel you put into the tank of your bakkie, combine harvester or aircraft can be a worry if it is from an unknown or...

A sound alternative to a diesel or petrol generator

This top-quality gas-powered unit will help you cope with load- shedding.


Investing in financial markets

In general, South African investors have seen meagre returns on their savings and retirement portfolios over the past few years. Indeed, some wonder whether it would not be better to...
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